February 29, 2024

Peaceful Protest at the Quezon Memorial Circle, a Freedom Park at Quezon City, Philippines


Here are a few videos from the peaceful protest happening today, November 26, 2021. The protest is ongoing from 1 PM to 5 PM.


2:37 PM: Negotiation between the police and Nicanor Perlas has ended (for now). The QMC management has cranked up their sound system to drown out the protest.

2:59 PM: The police are asking for a compromise: wear facemasks and they will allow the program to continue. Nicanor is asking the protestors for their opinion.

3:07 PM: The police will issue tickets to protesters. Some are willing to give their names, but they want the QMC administration to recognize that it is a freedom park.

3:39 PM: Nicanor has been issued a ticket. He has asked the policeman to note that the ticket is signed under protest.

3:50 PM: Signal is lost. On standby for the next update.

4:03 PM: We lighting candles for all those who died after vaccination. We ask our spiritual guides for courage and strength to continue on this difficult path.

Even before the protest started, QMC security wants us to leave.

Ongoing: Police forces have arrived and are asking us to follow health protocols – the same ones we have come to protest against

Tickets are being issued: Nicanor is first in line, he is asking the policeman to put on the words “under protest” on the ticket

Finally, the program can continue

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