April 15, 2024

VigiAccess Data Shows COVID Vaccines More Dangerous than Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine


This is a follow-up article on a previous editorial, WHO’s VigiAccess Shows More than Two Million Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccination.[1]To know further about Vigiaccess and its legitimacy, see this link https://www.who-umc.org/vigibase/vigibase/know-more-about-vigibase/.

See data (as of November 24, 2021) below to know adverse drug reactions (ADRs) statistics of some drugs recorded in Vigiaccess. As you can see, the oldest drugs included in this particular list are 53 years old [Hydroxychloroquine, Measles vaccine, Penicillin, Small Pox vaccine, Influenza vaccine among others] with 5,000 to 200,000 reported ADRs, whereas the COVID-19 vaccine, which has been in existence for only one year has already accumulated over 2.5 million ADRs including severe adverse events and deaths. COVID-19 vaccines’ adverse events are paramount to the ADRs combined on the tabulation.

The table you see below is generated by our team using Vigiaccess data. See section below if you want to learn how you can recreate the table.

VigiAccess Summary

As you may have observed in the summary above, Ivermectin (IVM) has recorded 5,765 ADRs despite it being in use for 29 years. An older drug, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 33,194 reported ADRs within its 53 years of existence. How can governments insist that HCQ and IVM are unsafe for COVID treatment when based on the World Health Organization’s own data, these two drugs are so much safer than COVID vaccines?

Why are health and government officials so adamant about suppressing the use of IVM and HCQ? If this is about a health emergency, why are they not allowing the massive use of these safer, cheaper, and repurposed drugs, which have already cured thousands (if not millions) of covid patients? [see India’s Uttar Pradesh moving towards being covid-free, Ivermectin central to virus control; How ivermectin prevents COVID 19 and possibly protects the unvaccinated from toxic spike proteins being shed by the vaccinated; Hydroxychloroquine: Uganda’s secret weapon against COVID-19; Singapore study shows throat spray and hydroxychloroquine reduce risk of COVID-19].

VigiAccess report on COVID jabs’ ADRs also undoubtedly tells us that the safe and effective narrative is all propaganda [also, see Vaccine-injured Speak Out: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE].

Navigating VigiAccess

For our readers who wish to confirm the data included in this table, we are publishing a guide on how you can navigate the Vigiaccess. Please see the video below.

How to Navigate VigiAccess

You can access the Vigiaccess database through this link: http://vigiaccess.org/.

However, suppose you decide to find Vigiaccess under the WHO website, in your search engine, notably in Duck Duck Go; you will see this link: https://www.who.int/medicines/news/glob_pharmvig_database_qa/en/. But upon clicking on that, you will be redirected to this link: https://www.who.int/home/cms-decommissioning. The former link is still up after our investigation, but you have to dig through all the pages on the website to find it.

Because transparency, particularly within health institutions, is getting obsolete nowadays, we would like to perpetuate it here. You can access what was hidden through the original link above by clicking here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150709091243/https://www.who.int/medicines/news/glob_pharmvig_database_qa/en/.

In the previous website, WHO has written:

“Transparency is of paramount importance for public health decision-making and resource allocation. In the area of medical products, knowledge sharing and transparency can be the difference between life and death if a product is found to cause serious adverse events. VigiAccess is therefore important for any actor involved in health policy and decision making, from regulatory authorities to prescribers and medical practitioners. In addition, VigiAccess offers patients around the globe a tool that will strengthen their awareness of medicine safety and allow them to have a more informed role and better control of their own health.”

We have to demand transparency from WHO and health authorities because the information they carry can save or kill people. By implementing re-vamping its website while in the middle of a “pandemic” and not instituting a proper redirect to these important pages, the WHO has gravely violated its own rules.


1 To know further about Vigiaccess and its legitimacy, see this link https://www.who-umc.org/vigibase/vigibase/know-more-about-vigibase/.

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