May 28, 2024

In an August 24, 2021 article for The Daily Sceptic, Kyle Helke, an ex-pat to the Philippines, shared how he enjoyed breathing fresh air when he and his family took a vacation in the US and Italy to visit their family.

Helke cited all his observations, sums up the article with one crucial point: the Philippines is so far behind COVID science. All the draconian policies still being implemented in the country have all been abolished in the countries he visited.

Editor’s Note: As other countries have gone on to a post-pandemic socieity, the Philippines continues to operate as if it was still March 2020. Our policies are still based on a lack of understanding of the virus’ nature and mechanism of spread. It lacks foresight, as it disregards other important aspects of pandemic response.

Here are some additional insights we get from this article:

  1. If the Philippines continues on the path towards more vaccination, we are bound to experience the surge in cases already being recorded in countries with high vaccination rates. [See Israel, once the model for beating COVID, now has one of the highest infections in the world; Countries with the highest vaccination rates also facing surge in COVID cases and deaths; New COVID surge in 4 out of 5 top vaccinated countries in the world; Countries report increased cases after using Sinovac vaccine; 60% of those older than 50 who die from COVID are double vaxxed; Vaccinated are the Superspreaders; Study shows vaccinated people play role in creating more dangerous COVID variants]. This means that if we are going to keep using the RT-PCR test as basis for our policies, we might as well forget about going back to normal. This will become a society of permanent lockdowns.
  2. The continued refusal to acknowledge early treatment will cause an even greater toll on our health systems. It is a testament to the fact that our public health experts do not do their own research and are only reliant on one source of information, to the detriment of the rest of the Philippine society. [See Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts; Mixed results of vaccine trials, media spins results differently; How Ivermectin’s success has been suppressed by mainstream media; How the media is pushing vaccine misinformation; Facebook Oversight Board overturns decision to remove a post relating to hydroxychloroquine; HART: Good news being ignored by mainstream media, COVID is becoming milder].
  3. In the Philippines seems to be exempt from the injuries and deaths following COVID vaccinations. We think that this is due to the lack of an adequate reporting system, not because the vaccines are “safe and effective”. [See COVID vaccinations causing 50x the adverse effects of flu vaccines; Experts: Vaccines will cause side effects; FDA knew COVID vaccines would lead to severe adverse events, sanitized info was given to people to prevent vaccine-hesitancy; COVID vaccines kill two people for every three lives it saves; AAPS: Blood clots happen with all COVID vaccines; Experimental mRNA vaccines could cause long term chronic illnesses]

Why is the Philippines so outdated with its pandemic response when all the science is out there for our public health experts to discover? Could it be that our decision-makers simply do not care? Or are they a part of this conspiracy to harm humanity? [Also read Proof that the COVID-19 crisis was planned to usher in a new world order, THE VACCINE DELUSION, PART 1: CBCP Pro-Vaccine Decision Huge Mistake. Vaccines will Not Remove Lockdowns. Ignores Reports of Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Serious Injuries Including Death].

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