July 19, 2024

Should the government place expiration dates on vaccination cards?

Should the government place expiration dates on vaccination cards?

In order to answer this question, we must ask the Philippine government: what is the purpose for doing this? Is it to prevent COVID cases? To prevent deaths? Or to “sell” the 27 million vaccine doses, worth PHP 13.5 billion which are expiring in July?

We must remember that several countries that placed expiration dates on their vaccine cards were forced to scrap vaccine passes even as they were grappling with high COVID cases. Why would the Philippines want to put expiration dates on our vaccine cards when our own case rates are falling despite not attaining the “highly vaccinated” status?

Based on our research, the only reason why the government wants to make booster shots mandatory is that they do not want these expiring doses to “go to waste” as wasting PHP 13.5 billion of taxpayers’ money will open them to possible litigation and administrative cases.

But is that a good reason to push for booster shots, when we now know that the vaccines are dangerous?

It is also clear that these vaccines are useless in the long term. Why does the government insist on using these?

We will also note from the earlier article from PhilStar (see first link) that the vaccines being sent to the Philippines have a shorter life span. This means that these vaccines are overstocks and were probably rejected by other countries. It is also quite clear that the vaccines were delivered late. Why can’t the Philippine government reject these shipments? Is it because they also signed a one-sided contract like that of Pfizer?

In the face of decreasing COVID cases and hospitalizations in the Philippines, the government has no reason to mandate these booster shots. In fact, even if there are some projections saying that cases will increase in the next few months following the elections, the government cannot make policies based on predictions. Moreover, a prominent infectious disease expert in the Philippines, Dr. Edsel Salvana recently says that the “new” subvariant Omicron XE is not expected to dodge vaccine efficacy.

So why take the booster shot if the first two shots are working? Unless of course the first two shots no longer work?

If the vaccines are waning in efficacy, then why insist on using them? Science is already showing that natural immunity offers robust and long-term protection.

Moreover, what does it tell you that people who have taken the first two doses are no longer lining up to take the booster shot? No wonder the Philippine government wants to corner people by bringing the shots to their homes!

Many more countries have already allowed unvaccinated tourists to enter, while our leaders here in the Philippines continue to obsess about vaccination. Why? Are our leaders simply incompetent? Or are they profiting from this vaccination regime?

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