June 16, 2024

COVID vaccination more deadly than COVID for individuals below 80 years


The following 21-page cost-benefit analysis was written by Mathematician Kathy Dopp and Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) [Seneff was also featured in the articles Long-term dangers of experimental mRNA shots and MIT Scientist on COVID vaccine: “Don’t go near it”]. The study attached below was released to the public last February 13, 2022.

Using publicly available data from the UK, the authors computed COVID mortality and all-cause mortality risks for the vaccinated and unvaccinated to determine the risk-benefit ratio of COVID vaccination. They utilized data for a single month, from the week ending January 16, 2022, to the week ending February 6, 2022.

Based on their study, the authors conclude that the benefits of COVID vaccination have not lived up to its promise. Here are some of the more glaring results of the study:

  • All age groups below 50 years old are at greater risk (5 to 51 times higher) from vaccine-induced fatality with the same or subsequent month of receiving the COVID injection.
  • Children under aged 18 years and below have 51 times higher chance of fatality after vaccination than risk of dying from COVID if unvaccinated.
  • Young adults aged 18 to 29 years have 8 times higher risk of fatality following vaccination than from COVID if unvaccinated.

The authors say that these figures are underestimated as the risk for other diseases has not been included in the study.

Editor’s Note: This article brings to mind peer-reviewed research published by the Vaccines journal in 2021, which was subsequently retracted following pressure from the journal’s board [see COVID vaccines kill two people for every three lives it saves, Scientists quit board to pressure journal into retracting study showing COVID vaccines can kill]. That was one of the first articles to quantify the risk of taking the vaccine, and according to the journal, the retraction was not due to the wrong analysis or methodology. The study was retracted because “the data was presented as being causally related to adverse events by the authors”. The retraction notice adds “For this type of reporting a causal relation between the event and the vaccine is not needed, therefore a reported event that occurred after vaccination is not necessarily attributable to vaccination”.

We are all familiar with this kind of reasoning. It has been used by health authorities to casually deny the reality of vaccine side effects. [In the article Former FDA official: FDA negligent in not investigating myocarditis cases, you will see that the only reason why investigations on side effects of the COVID vaccine have not been launched yet is that the FDA is turning a blind eye].

Take note that the data used for this study was only for one month and that there all official figures on the adverse effects of the COVID vaccines are underreported [Depending on who you ask, the underreporting factor could be as low as 20 to as much as a 100, see Columbia University Study finds VAERS deaths undercounted by a factor of 20]. Can you imagine how huge the casualty is for an entire year of vaccine rollouts?

The evidence for the deadly COVID vaccine is mounting. [Read If COVID vaccines were safe, then why are governments talking about compensation for vaccine injuries?, German insurers: Government underreporting side effects of the COVID vaccines, Israeli data shows vaccine side effects not rare at all, Former FDA official: FDA negligent in not investigating myocarditis cases. See more at Vaccines].

Meanwhile, the reality that natural immunity is more powerful than the vaccines are becoming widely accepted [read Iceland: Vaccines Not Enough, as Many as Possible People Need to be Infected for herd immunity, Natural Immunity Protects Against Omicron Variant: Study, Norway Believes Natural Immunity is Better Protection for Children Five to 11 Years, Finally Acknowledged by Mainstream Media: Natural immunity more potent than vaccines during US Delta Wave. See more at Natural Immunity].

The fact is, all the evidence that are being “uncovered” now have been there for a long time. Why did it take two years before mainstream “health experts” see the truths we saw already at the beginning of this “pandemic”?

Another point we want to raise is this: why is there such a huge push to get younger people vaccinated when the risk of COVID death for a majority of the population is so low? [See Updated IFR for COVID Confirms 99.9987% Survival for Under-20’s, CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu].

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