May 30, 2024

Should vaccination be required for teachers and students before we resume face-to-face classes?


We hope that through our previous articles on this website, it is clear to people, parents at least, that mandatory vaccination of children should never be an option to the reopening of classes.

Now the question is: should teachers be required to take the vaccine before they are allowed in class? If the purpose of mandatory vaccination for teachers is to prevent transmission, then the answer to this question is NO. We have known for at least a year now that vaccines cannot stop transmission and infection.

If the purpose of vaccination is to ensure that teachers do not suffer severe disease or death due to COVID, we need to ask: where is the data proving without a doubt that unvaccinated teachers will in fact experience severe COVID or death?

Moreover, data is now showing that the vaccines are useless against new variants of COVID. What makes people think that having teachers vaccinated against COVID will be useful?

Also, as early as 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already given a conclusive answer to this question.

Why then is the Philippines’ Department of Education forcing teachers to take the vaccine?

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