July 22, 2024

Polish President Opposes Mandatory Vaccination

Polish President Opposes Mandatory Vaccination

Warszawa, 30.08.2021. Prezydent RP Andrzej Duda podczas konferencji prasowej w ramach posiedzenia Rady Gabinetowej, 30 bm. w Pa³acu Prezydenckim w Warszawie. Rada Gabinetowa poœwiêcona bêdzie przygotowaniom do nowego roku szkolnego. (amb) PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The following article was published by the Polish Press Agency last August 30, 2021.

In a statement to the Cabinet Council meeting which tackled the reopening of schools in Poland, Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda said, “I am against obligatory vaccinations. I believe that this may cause social unrest…and everybody should be responsible for their own actions”. He adds, “We must have a situation in which every citizen can receive a vaccine. This is the duty of the state authorities to create such a possibility, but not to force anyone.”

Editor’s Note: Though this article was published three months ago, it remains relevant today as more and more European countries are instituting mandatory vaccination and the use of health passes as a “ticket to freedom”.

Because of Duda’s position, Poland is becoming a subject of mainstream propaganda ostracizing European states that are not returning to lockdowns this winter.1https://www.politico.eu/article/poland-coronavirus-infections-covid-pandemic-government-restrictions-adam-niedzielski/

We have seen before how this played out. Mainstream media bully governments in order for them to succumb to social pressure. But as the data from last year’s “pandemic policies” have already been conclusive, we sincerely hope that Duda and the Polish government would stand their ground.

There is no reason to return coronavirus restrictions as lockdowns, masking, and social distancing has no scientific basis [see Top UK scientists demand: End face masks and social distancing by June, Will the real WHO please stand up?, New MIT study challenges scientific basis for social distancing policies, Former FDA chief says social distancing not based on clear science].

Real-world evidence also shows they do not work [read Dr. Knut Wittkowski: A second wave of coronavirus infections will come as a direct result of social distancing and self isolation, Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis destroys the Covid lockdown narrative, Sweden was right: No need for lockdowns, universal masking, Finland study shows vaccines, universal masking, useless against Delta variant].

In the same way, there is no evidence showing that mandatory vaccination will stop infection and transmission of the virus [see Despite High Vaccination rates, Europe is Returning to Lockdowns, Gibraltar, the World’s Most Vaccinated Country has Canceled Christmas Celebrations Amid COVID Spike, Fauci Admits Vaccines are Failing to Protect Vaccinated from COVID Hospitalization and Death, Senior NIH Expert Speaks Up Against Vaccine Mandates, Singapore Overtakes 2020 Record Despite High Vaccination Rate, Experts Admit Surge due to Waning Protection from Vaccine, DOH Admitted: Fully-Vaccinated People Can Still Get COVID-19, CDC Head declares COVID ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infections or transmissions, COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission, Will Lead to a Variant Killing 35% of People it Infects, Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block infection, Vaccinated are the Superspreaders, Research shows fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID have become presymptomatic superspreaders, Study confirms jabs make no difference in spread of COVID, double-jabbed more prone to Delta infection].

Moreover, mandatory vaccination will only lead to more societal, as well as health issues [see UK Study Shows Vaccine Passports Will Lead to Rebellion, Vaccine mandate creates new health crisis as 4,000 unvaccinated Canadian health care workers are on placed on forced leave, New York fires 72,000 health care workers for failing to take the jab, Covid-Injection Lowers Natural Immunity by five- to six-fold, Hospitals are Overwhelmed, and Governments Do Not Know Why, Randy Hillier: Investigate the sudden deaths among young people, Vaccine-injured Speak Out: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE, UK Government Data: Vaccinated are Seeing their Immune Response Plummet by About 5% Each Week, Pro-Vaccine expert warns: Stop mass vaccinations, COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission, Will Lead to a Variant Killing 35% of People it Infects].

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