July 24, 2024

Mainstream Media Creates Unethical Narrative Urging Doctors to Withhold Treatment for Unvaccinated

Mainstream Media Creates Unethical Narrative Urging Doctors to Withhold Treatment for Unvaccinated

In a September 3, 2021 article published in The Washington Post, Ruth Marcus wrote her opinion on the various options doctors have when resources are scarce. She tries to answer the question: should they give priority to the vaccinated?

The author goes through various scenarios that tread on medical ethics. She gave examples of a lung cancer patient who’s been smoking two packs a day for decades is entitled to the same treatment as the one who never took a puff. The drunk driver who kills a family gets a medical team doing its utmost to save him. Also to quote: “But the coronavirus pandemic, the development of a highly effective vaccine, and the emergence of a core of vaccine resisters along with an infectious new variant have combined to change the ethical calculus.” [Read ‘Let them die’: Canada’s largest newspaper promotes hostility toward the unvaccinated; Matt Hancock: We have no duty of care to those who refuse the vaccines.]

Marcus declared that “those who insist on refusing the vaccine for no reason are not in the same moral position of the smoker with lung cancer or the drunk driver. In situations where resources are scarce and hard choices must be made, they are not entitled to the same no questions-asked, no-holds-barred medical care as others who behaved more responsibly.”

Editor’s Note: This article is an addition to the growing mainstream literature pressuring the unvaccinated to accept COVID vaccination. Clearly, the author has cognitive dissonance, thinking that it is moral to deprive care to an unvaccinated person, but immoral to let drunk drivers and smokers die without medical aid even if it was their personal choice, too, that led them to the hospital.

Yes, we all have a social responsibility. But submitting to an experimental gene therapy to curb the purported pandemic is a serious matter.

Prioritizing a vaccinated over an unvaccinated when the resources are scarce makes it discriminatory and unethical. Unless, of course, the vaccinated needs more urgent care than the unvaccinated. Denying the unvaccinated equal right to healthcare, when their condition is serious (whether from COVID, or any other disease) is unconstitutional. Even a criminal can get the utmost healthcare, why deny people who stood for their right to individual sovereignty and practiced common sense, to equal medical treatment? Also, denying treatment is against the very sacred oath taken by doctors.

There is a point of discussion from the opinion stated in this article:

  1. The sole basis that you have the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still the RT-PCR test, which is faulty and inconclusive. So counting positive cases through this tool is meaningless. [See New York Times: More experts questioning RT-PCR testing; Manitoba Government Chief Microbiologist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious, but products of misleading RT-PCR tests, RT-PCR tests are scientifically meaningless]
  2. Hospitals follow specific guidelines on tagging a person as unvaccinated. Within 14 days of getting the jab, the person is still considered unvaccinated. [Read CDC Lies Again, Creates a Horribly Confusing Definition of “Unvaccinated”]. Most adverse events take place within 72 hours, when a vaccinated person is still considered as “unvaccinated” [see New study: Vaccines are the likely cause of adverse effects and deaths following vaccination]. This entirely changes the game, and being ignorant of this policy and denying somebody health services based on this guideline is idiocracy.
  3. There are massive reports of adverse events following inoculations, and most often than not, those cases require urgent care. [See Majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel are fully vaccinated; AI Analysis from US Department of Defense shows vaccines lead to more severe disease for fully vaccinated elderly; New study: Vaccines are the likely cause of adverse effects and deaths following vaccination]. These are injuries inflicted by vaccines, which are also the reason why people are shying away from getting vaccinated. Has this ever been considered?
  4. This idea of putting off medical care for an unvaccinated because he is deemed ‘irresponsible’ makes an attending healthcare worker irresponsible and unprofessional. It is a criminal act which should never ever cross the mind of a decent healthcare professional.
  5. Blaming the unvaccinated for spreading the dreaded Delta variant is like convicting an innocent person. The evidence shows that the vaccinated are even more infectious than the unvaccinated [see Research shows fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID have become presymptomatic superspreaders; Vaccinated are the Superspreaders]. Moreover, heavily vaccinated countries have a high surge of infections, which shows that the vaccines do not stop infection and they cannot prevent transmission [See Countries with the highest vaccination rates also facing surge in COVID cases and deaths; Israel, once the model for beating COVID, now has one of the highest infections in the world]. What then is the basis for Marcus’ proposal, except that it is another way of pressuring the unvaccinated?
  6. We must not forget that these vaccines are unnecessary. For most people, COVID is a minor threat [See New estimates put COVID infection fatality rate at 0.15%; A tale of two Januarys]. In fact, evidence is showing that a healthy person’s immune system is more than capable of neutralizing the virus [see Immune system has 27x more protective power than vaccines: Case for COVID vaccine passports demolished]. If an unvaccinated person gets to an emergency room due to COVID or any disease, it is not because they are unvaccinated, rather, it is because they are most in need of medical care.

Vaccine-hesitancy is a difficult position to take in a judgmental world like today. If deciding to not take the vaccine was merely about following the “trend”, the pushback wouldn’t be as strong as it is today [see September 18, 2021: World comes together to protest against lockdowns, vaccine passports, digital IDs; Million-strong march for freedom in London ignored by mainstream media; Global alliance of doctors calls for an end to all lockdowns and vaccinations]. Do you know why many people remain steadfast in their decision not to get vaccinated? It is because they care about their own health, have checked the science, and seen that it was unnecessary [see Americans with Ph.D. are most reluctant to take the COVID vaccine; Dr. Peter McCullough: Successful early treatment for COVID makes vaccines unnecessary].

We have the equal right to medical care, and every one of us may choose what does and doesn’t enter our body regardless of our reasons. We have the right to not answer when people ask us about our vaccination status. We shouldn’t be fighting one another and people should regard that these covid injections harm humanity. If left to flourish, these vaccinations will put us all in extreme danger [see Survivors of Holocaust to international regulatory agencies: Stop this medical experiment on humankind]. The attempt to separate society into the vaccinated and unvaccinated is all part of the plan. [See DIVIDE & RULE — The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE.]

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