May 26, 2024

Americans with Ph.D. are most reluctant to take the COVID vaccine


This August 14, 2021 article written by Shannon Thaler and published by Daily Mail reports on the results of a study on vaccine hesitancy conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

The study asked Americans how likely they were to get the vaccine. Those who said that they will “definitely” not take the vaccine were considered vaccine-hesitant. One of the surprising results of the study showed that the association between vaccine hesitancy and educational level of participants followed a U-shaped curve, with those who are least and most educated registering the highest vaccine-hesitancy. People with master’s degrees had the least level of hesitancy while those with Ph.D. having the highest hesitancy.

The research also found that in the first five months of 2021, the largest decrease in hesitancy was among the least educated. Meanwhile, hesitancy in the most educated group held constant.

The actual study may be found here:

Editor’s Note: This study demolishes the mainstream narrative that vaccine hesitancy is due to misinformation. On the contrary, this article is showing that it is precisely because people are informed that they are vaccine-hesitant. They see the conflicting pronouncements from governments, as well as notice the gaps of pandemic response which does not require vaccines.

This article also shows us that if people are educated about these vaccines, no amount of manipulation from the media and governments would change their minds.

Now, we must think about our own children whose education is now being compromised by the illogical school closure and continuing lockdowns. Are governments purposely dumbing down our children so that they won’t be able to make independent decisions later on?

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