May 25, 2024

Million-strong march for freedom in London ignored by mainstream media


This April 26, 2021 article by The Daily Expose slams BBC, SkyNews, and other mainstream media outlets for not covering the March for Freedom in London last April 24, 2021. According to the article, some tweets on the day of the event said that there were only “a few thousand” people who attended the rally. But a short clip from the event shows this to be false.

Organizers of the event say there were about 1 million people who marched throughout London. The protest was launched to voice out citizen opposition against mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports.

Editor’s Note: If you search for the April 24 London march, the only coverage you will see in mainstream media is the altercation between some protesters and police which happened towards the end of the day. But this was a small majority, as most people attest that the protest was peaceful, and the police were generally accommodating.

The same publication published another article to show just how many people participated in the march, see Highlights of the 1 million person march for Freedom – April 24th 2021. As can be seen, many in attendance are ordinary people, and the protest was indeed, peaceful. How can media stations ignore such a huge crowd? It is clear that they are trying to cover up the growing movement, as they want to protect the narrative of fear they established in the past year. This is not the first time that mainstream media has lied [see attached video below to discover how huge the March 20, 2021 World Freedom Rally featured in this article: Citizens from more than 20 countries gather for simultaneous rally. According to the video below, there are actually 40 countries that joined the march.] They want to keep protesters in the periphery, and conspiracy theorists, but the truth is coming out.

But people in Europe are awakening to the reality that the divide-and-conquer strategy is being utilized to take away our freedom and human dignity. The call for unity is resounding. We support these advocates, and we echo the same call: now is the time to stand together for community and for our children’s right to a future of freedom.

The UK experience is offers us an important lesson. We can no longer rely on mainstream media to broadcast the truth. It is now clear that they have violated their own ethical standards. If we want to communicate the truth to our fellow citizens, we must not be afraid to make our own reporting [see CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up where Technical Director Charlie Chester confirms the reality that corporate media has used fear to hijack COVID reports. Also read New York Supreme Court rules: Project Veritas against New York Times will continue to discover how other media outlets are biased].

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