June 25, 2024

Citizens from more than 20 countries gather for simultaneous rally


On March 20, 2021, tens of thousands of citizens from various countries came out to lend support to the Worldwide Rally for Freedom. This article from Off Guardian covers the story.

As expected, mainstream media has released smear campaigns, painting the protesters as members of the far right. In the US, they are called as members of QAnon or Make America Great Again (MAGA). In most countries, news about the massive anti-lockdown protest were completely blocked. The movement’s website and Facebook page has been de-activated as of writing.

Editor’s Note: If there is one good thing that this scamdemic has brought us, it is the mass awakening of people to the corruption of their governments, to the utter disregard of Big Tech to the truth, and the disrespect of Big Pharma to the sanctity of human life. People are awakening to the possibility of a better society, and many are removing their chains, despite the seeming hopelessness of the situation.

When we began to publish the articles on this website, we thought we were nothing more than voices in the wilderness. But we continued sounding out, and in the process discovered that many others were doing the same. Through the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, we discover that around the world, the many voices in the wilderness have found each other, and they are bound to change the world.

Below are three videos showing us just how big this movement calling for freedom is. No one organization that has “conspired” to make this happen, only the earnest quest for truth and freedom has fueled this movement.


We the people have had enough. There’s more of us than them. Rise up. #freedommarch #riseup #stoptyranny #antilockdown #antilockdownprotest

♬ Rise Up – Andra Day

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