October 1, 2023

The following is a letter sent to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. The author, a friend of Kennedy, related to him the events that transpired at the August 1 Unite For Freedom Rally at Berlin [we wrote about this protest in the article 17,000+ gather in Berlin to protest against COVID-19 restrictions].

Through this letter we discover that the number of people who joined the protest is so much higher than what was reported by mainstream media, with the police estimating the crowd at 800,000 to 1.3 million. The letter also offers to us a glimpse of who came to the protest, and the environment of “light and love and peace and freedom” present during the activity [a description that is remarkably similar to the August 29 protest as as reported by DW, see August 29 Berlin protest on COVID-19 lockdowns brings huge numbers of people to the streets].

The author also said that protest experienced massive censorship in YouTube, preventing real images and facts of the protest from circulating. It was also revealed that contrary to media reports, the goal of the organizers was to “resist like Gandhi” and that they took pains to keep the protest as peaceful as possible.

The author also said that politicians were panicked at the massive support the United for Freedom protest has received and a move to restrict protests during this time of pandemic has gained ground as a result.

Editor’s Note: We hope that other countries where lockdowns and mandatory masking are still in place will follow suit, because the science is clear: COVID-19 is not as deadly as was initially thought. We now have the tools for early treatment and for preventing deaths. Lockdowns will never mitigate the virus, and governments have no right to dictate what we should do to keep healthy. We have the full right and responsibility over our health and our bodies – no government or health care professional can mandate against our right to self-determination.

Around the world, people are awakening to the loss of freedom as brought about by the “coronaphobia”. In the guise of protecting health, politicians and mainstream media refuse to let go of the power they gained during the pandemic. They will go to great extent to keep citizens in the dark. Hence, truth today is not so easily found. One must truly search for it in order to find it.

We can tell you with great certainty that our governments’ refusal to lift lockdowns and other coronavirus policies have no scientific basis. If you do your own research, then you will come to the same conclusion as we did. We have collated several articles on this website to help you with the research, but there are hundreds more we could no longer catalogue. The evidence is overwhelming [you can begin your research by reading the article Science has spoken: End the lockdown].

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