June 16, 2024

Lancet Acknowledges Damaging Impact Of COVID Vaccine Mandates On Child Vaccination in the US


In this October 26, 2022 article published by The Lancet, public health experts explore the legacy of COVI to childhood vaccination in the US. The authors acknowledge that the pandemic will not only cause disruptions in vaccine delivery, but it could also affect trust, risk perception, vaccine mandates, and health equity.

They also suggest that in order to combat these effects, health organizations such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should continue work to “strengthen” vaccine confidence.

Editor’s Note: It is very clear that the authors of the article attached below are all pro-vaccine. Their recommendations are all geared towards eradicating vaccine hesitancy, which they insinuate to be unscientific and the effect of misinformation.

Despite its pro-vax stance, this article is important because it has revealed to us several facts that are being denied by both mainstream media and the health establishment.

First, the article has acknowledged that there is a growing distrust in the vaccine enterprise, which extends to the health institutions that promote them.

Second, many parents are now raising concerns about the risks of vaccines in general.

Third, vaccine mandates among school-aged children are being questioned, a by-product of the illogical and unscientific mandates imposed by health authorities during the COVID scamdemic.

Lastly, many of the targetted “minority” groups have opted out of the COVID shots, as evidenced by the “current two-fold difference in COVID-19 vaccine receipt across the rural-urban continuum in the USA”.

The authors are recommending the widespread collection of data to “help us better understand vaccine refusal patterns (eg, identify when vaccine refusers are not part of historically marginalized populations), and monitor progress towards eliminating disparities”. This article does not recognize the reality that some “vaccine refusers” have the right to do so, nor does it acknowledge that some of those who refuse the shots are people whose families experienced severe adverse events.

Using seemingly neutral languaging, this article is nothing more than propaganda. It is promoting surveillance in the guise of “health equity”. It is also recommending censorship and controlling narratives all in the guise of combatting “misinformation”.

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2 thoughts on “Lancet Acknowledges Damaging Impact Of COVID Vaccine Mandates On Child Vaccination in the US

  1. I read the article from the Lancet and being an RN it makes me irate. They still want to push the covid19 jab, which technically isn’t a vaccine, they still want to push it on children and trying to make it mandatory, as part of a child’s vaccine course to go to school.
    1. Children getting and dying from this virus is slim at best.
    2. The benefits definitely do not outweigh the consequences, ie; myocarditis in teen boys, any type of vaccine injury and the death of a child.
    3. This “vaccine” was never tested for children and it really wasn’t tested on adults.
    I could go on but I’m sure you get my gist. The article talks about science denialism but it looks to me that they don’t understand the science themselves. I believe the script has flipped and parents understand the science better than the doctors and scientists.
    When this so called “vaccine” came out I told my family to not get the jab as it hadn’t been tested like it should. There’s a reason that vaccines and medications are tested so stringently, to determine if they are safe. Big Pharma skipped over so many protocols and rushed to get this out, that they didn’t even know the side effects. My concern is due to all this and children are being given an unproven shot, that there’ll be major implications in the future. We know that it has caused women to miscarry and that it affects a girl’s menstrual cycle. So, in the future when the children are adults and they want to start a family, will they be able to procreate or are they going to be infertile? All I know is that this can’t be the legacy that we leave our children. We can’t leave them disabled and possibly infertile.

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