May 27, 2024

The article underscores the crucial significance of free speech in democratic societies, particularly in the digital age, where online censorship poses a growing threat to our liberties. Mike Benz, Executive Director of The Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) says that the erosion of free speech online can lead to dire consequences for society.

Editor’s Note: It is essential to recognize the detrimental impact of censorship on the work of individuals and organizations striving to provide access to accurate and unbiased news. Upholding free speech and combating censorship is not just a matter of protecting individual rights; it is essential for the functioning of a healthy democracy and can have other far-reaching consequences. Hence, efforts to fight against censorship, like those led by Mike Benz and the FFO, are crucial in safeguarding that all of us have access to diverse and dependable sources of information. Without the others, we only have one truth: the things they would like us to believe. [Docs Offer Glimpse Into The Censorship Industrial Complex, UN Promotes Censorship, Social Credit System in New Report.]

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