May 27, 2024

Documents released by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) through a Freedom of Information request initiated by Paul Schreyer and the Multipolar Magazine show that the recommendation of the RKI to lockdown was not based on technical assessment, but on “political instruction of an external actor, an employee of the RKI, whose name has been redacted from the documents”.

In this article, Paul Schreyer details how their request for information regarding the government’s COVID response has been blocked several times, forcing them to sue in order to access the information they need.

Multipolar has also sued the Berlin Administrative Court in order to remove the more than a thousand passages that has been redacted in the RKI files. We recommend you use DeepL Translate for the attached article

Editor’s Note: We encourage all freedom fighters to read the Schreyer’s revelations in the article below because this is the story of how the lockdowns began, and why developed countries with the best health care system, like Germany, adopted a draconian approach to controlling a disease.

Schreyer’s breakdown of the events in Germany reads like a dystopian novel, but we hope that you, our allies, have not forgotten. These events happened to us four years ago, and has snowballed to many new dystopian policies that are threatening to change our civilization [see 2024: PLUNGE INTO DESTRUCTION OR BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY?, Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity: Part 1, Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 2: How the Different Attacks Reinforce Each Other, Understanding the Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 3. Human Extinction].

Read it carefully, because they intend to use the same strategies that will make us into the slaves [read Pandemics As a Catalyst For a New World Order, Here’s Why False Hope is Global Tyranny’s Greatest Tool of Control, Mass Surveillance Technologies Put in Place During Pandemic Are Here To Stay, We must start planning for a permanent pandemic, The Pandemic of Censorship, Digital Society: Easy to Takedown and Control]. They have destroyed our insitutions, damaged our children. Now they want to restructure society where the elites rule the world.

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