July 22, 2024
Digital Society: Easy to Takedown and Control

In this article for Global Research, Peter Koenig analyzes the global push towards digitalization and the rapid rollout of the untested 5G and 6G technology.

According to Koenig, says that the rollout of the 5G and 6G technologies is connected to the globalist desire to control the world. He questions the undisclosed health impacts of these advancements and highlights the consolidation of power by entities like the United Nations, particularly through UNCTAD’s push for digitalization.

Koenig warns of the potential consequences of digital enslavement, echoing concerns raised by figures like Tucker Carlson. Ultimately, he calls for vigilance and resistance against what he sees as a looming threat to individual autonomy and humanity as a whole.

Editor’s Note: In the case of the digital world, the price of convenience is our freedom. Governments have already shown us that they will not hesitate to use digital systems against us [see Canadian experience shows glimpse of totalitarian future we can expect if citizens do not pushback. Also read Bank of England propose to use digital money to put “restrictions on people’s freedom”, CBDC DIGITAL PRISON SLATED FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN 2024].

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