May 30, 2024

Bank of England propose to use digital money to put “restrictions on people’s freedom”


The following article was written by Tim Wallace and published by The Telegraph. In it, Wallace reports on the Bank of England’s call for ministers to “decide whether a central bank digital currency should be ‘programmable'”, which will then allow the issuer to control how the digital currency is spent.

According to Tom Mutton, director of the Bank of England (BOE), “You could introduce programmability – what happens if one of the participants in a transaction puts a restriction on [future use of the money]? There could be some socially beneficial outcomes from that, preventing activity which is seen to be socially harmful in some way. But at the same time it could be a restriction on people’s freedoms.”

Editor’s Note: When the first lockdowns were instituted in March 2020, millions of citizens from well-off countries received financial support from their government. Some received the support directly on their bank accounts. Digital currencies would not have made this process any easier. But as has been noted by BOE’s Mutton, programming would enable governments to control how the financial support they give is spent.

Can you imagine how this programming can be used in conjunction with digital vaccine passports? With the government’s current authoritarian record, can we put it past them to limit access to our own money in order to coerce us to do what they want us to do?

Can you also imagine how this proposal can go beyond vaccine passports to impede on our own constitutional rights? If you can’t imagine your government doing this, then just see how they have been coercing citizens into taking a dangerous, experimental vaccine [see Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide].

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