May 30, 2024

Here’s Why False Hope is Global Tyranny’s Greatest Tool of Control


In this article published by Life Site News, the author discusses how the “end of the pandemic” and the “return to normality” had enabled people to dream about moving forward after having their lives suspended for almost two years by the COVID scamdemic. The government and media propaganda on the possible resurgence of COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and vaccine-related measures will lead people to frustration, and ultimately, to full compliance, because they will think that “it is the best way to go forward”.

Editor’s Note: The article below is important because asserts the importance of detaching from worldly desires as this is what forces us to comply with illogical policies from authorities. It urges us to prepare for grace, without advocating despair or passivity. It highlights the need to resist tyranny and continue working for what is right, even when facing difficult circumstances. It will require a lot of effort on our part to continue to fight for what is right with Light, Love, and Laughter.

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