May 29, 2024

How modern medicine’s failings are being mitigated by holistic therapies


In this June 24, 2022 article, Dr. Tess Lawrie discusses the limitations of modern medicine and explores the potential benefits of holistic healing practices. The author acknowledges that human beings are not just physical matter but also energy, suggesting that there are aspects of healing that science cannot fully explain yet.

Lawie particularly highlights homeopathy and its effectiveness in treating people injured by vaccines. The author raises the idea of developing generic remedies for various COVID-19 vaccines’ adverse effects using homeopathy.

The article emphasizes the importance of considering alternative approaches to health and encourages open-mindedness among medical professionals. It also introduces the People’s Health Alliance (PHA), an initiative promoting community health hubs as a decentralized approach to healthcare. The PHA’s Health Hub Blueprint is offered as a guide for creating such hubs and fostering grassroots initiatives in healthcare.

Editor’s Note: Conventional medicine has never been about healing. It was always about alleviating the symptoms of a disease while human beings tried to work out the physical, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual causes of disease.

Because globalists have “succeeded” in controlling humanity through the COVID scam, they will try to replicate their “success” by manufacturing crises, particularly those relating to health. The only way for us to be able to cope with this attack is to protect our health through more holistic methods. Indeed, the human species continues to live today because we have the inherent capacity to overcome various challenges, whether physical, emotional, or other.

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