May 27, 2024

The article talks about how the US government reacted to scares about bioterrorism and pandemics. It states that the government spent a lot of money on vaccines and programs to defend against these threats, even though the actual dangers were often exaggerated. It also criticizes the World Health Organization’s response to diseases like Ebola, suggesting a pattern of inefficiency and mismanagement.

Editor’s Note: The article presents a vital perspective on how governments and organizations have responded to threats of bioterrorism and pandemics over the years. It highlights instances where fear and sensationalism may have led to overreactions, such as the anthrax scare and the promotion of certain vaccines, like the COVID-19 shots. It raises concerns about the effectiveness and accountability of organizations like the World Health Organization in managing global health crises. As we know, there are lapses and conflict of interest stemming from the COVID hysteria which has made people suspicious of the work WHO is doing. [See: WHO Whistleblower: WHO withheld Italy’s “lessons learned” report, Will the real WHO please stand up?, Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance, Global COVID Summit pushes for global vaccination, creation of global fund “for future pandemics”, Study shows sanitation, nutrition better than vaccines at protecting children from disease, Alternative views concerning the COVID-19 vaccine]

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