May 27, 2024

New Draft Amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations Still Riddled With Problems


In this article for the Daily Sceptic, former World Health Organization (WHO) consultant, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Thi Thuy Van Dinh (LLM, PhD) discuss changes from the original draft of the International Health Regulations (IHR), and their implications for public health. [The WHO withdrew the first draft due to widespread resistance, see WHO withdraws 12 of 13 IHR amendment proposals amid widespread opposition].

According to the authors, the IHR, together with the Pandemic Agreement which is due to be voted on by the World Health Assembly this May 2024, represents a “sea-change in international health…They aim to further centralize control of public health within WHO and base response to disease outbreaks on a heavily commoditized approach”. If passed, both the IHR and the Pandemic Agreement would ensure that pharmaceutical corporations can repeat the business approach they utilized during the COVID “pandemic”.

The authors summarized the key changes and implications of the current draft of the IHR.

Editor’s Note: All around Twitter, we are seeing various freedom fighters celebrating because the new IHR amendment draft has reverted to being non-binding and the rejection period has been restored to 18 months (this is the number of months when countries can reject the new IHR). But if we read the new draft, there’s no cause for celebration, as many of the problematic articles we questioned earlier are still very much alive. We are still at the losing end if countries accept the new draft.

The new IHR is still highly biased toward Big Pharma, and it will still force our countries to invest in what the authors refer to as a “highly dangerous complex (from a public health, equity, and human rights viewpoint)”. The Director General (DG) still has the power to invoke the massive stockpiling of vaccines whenever he thinks there is a threat. And unless you’re living under a rock, then you should know that the WHO’s current DG has no qualms about lying and abusing his power [See WHO Declares Monkeypox Pandemic Against Independent Panel Advice, WHO Makes Outright Lie, Says Omicron Dangerous for Unvaccinated but Data Says Otherwise].

Dr. Bell and Dr. Van Dinh insist that the new IHR draft does not fulfill the legal requirement stated in Article 55 of the 2005 IHR which requires that any amendment must be given a four-month review period. Global elites and their WHO conspirators are still bent on putting the problem-ridden “new” IHR draft for a vote at the WHA. For us Filipinos, we must speak out about this and demand that our representatives to the WHA call for the suspension of the IHR vote following the stated violation. We must speak up now, or else we risk our government signing away our right to medical freedom.

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