May 27, 2024

Dr. Hillary Cass’ Comprehensive Support for Transgender Youth


The article discusses an upcoming landmark report, led by Dr. Hillary Cass, a pediatrician, regarding the support and medical treatment of transgender children. The report is anticipated to advise against rushing children onto a path to change gender and instead recommend counseling to address potential mental health issues they may have.

Editor’s Note: The emphasis on counseling and a holistic approach in the forthcoming report is a welcome step in acknowledging the complexity of gender identity issues in young individuals. It highlights the significance of considering not only the physical factors but also the mental and emotional well-being of transgender children. Parents play a critical role in making decisions for their children, especially when it comes to matters as consequential as gender identity. This is a piece of great news for parents out there looking for a holistic approach to raising their kids. [Read Top Finnish Gender Expert Demolishes Myths About Gender Transition, Study: Puberty Blockers Exacerbate Mental Anguish For Trans-Identified Teens. To understand the connection between the New World order and transgenderism, read: How Transgenderism Can Lead To Transhumanism.]

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