June 16, 2024

Study: Puberty Blockers Exacerbate Mental Anguish For Trans-Identified Teens


A new analysis from the UK is showing that instead of improvement, more teenagers suffered a significant decline in their mental health when they were put on puberty blockers.

According to the study, these medications may have exacerbated mental anguish rather than alleviating it, as was originally intended. The findings add complexity to the ongoing debate over the use of puberty blockers in gender-affirming care for adolescents, suggesting that a more nuanced approach is needed to ensure the well-being of transgender youth.

Editor’s Note: The “establishment” has tried to censor any information that negates the transgender agenda, but the truth always finds a way to come out [Also read Expert Opinion: Youth Gender Transition Pushed Without Evidence, Top Finnish Gender Expert Demolishes Myths About Gender Transition].

We agree that every individual must be respected regardless of background, race, gender, etc. But the way that the transgender agenda is currently being pushed in our societies is a whole case entirely. It is bordering on pedophilia and it puts our children at risk [see Tucker Carlson Explains How Trans Ideology is the Negative Mirror Image of Christianity, How the WHO and UN Plans to Normalize Pedophilia, Dutch Governing Party Advocates for Pedophilia. Also read Jeffrey Epstein, COVID, and the New World Order to understand the connection between COVID, and all the challenges that threaten humanity today].

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