May 28, 2024

Top Finnish Gender Expert Demolishes Myths About Gender Transition


In this February 21, 2023 article for Tablet, Leor Sapir features an important interview with Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, a top expert on pediatric gender medicine in Finland. Kaltiala gives us an in-depth discussion of the policies instituted by Finland for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

Kaltiala says, “Gender self-identification in youth is not a mere clerical ‘formality’…it’s a message saying that this is the right path for you”. She also concurs with NHS England that social transitioning – “using a child’s preferred name and pronouns – is ‘not a neutral act’ but rather one that can solidify what is otherwise likely to be a passing phase into a more permanent statement of mind, or ‘identity’, and put the minor on a path to drugs and surgeries”.

Editor’s Note: This article summarizes our own positions when it comes to the transgender agenda. The push for greater accessibility of gender-affirming care for young children is careless and irresponsible. We want to highlight these important words from the article: “If not just your dignity as a human but your very existence depends upon others agreeing with your self-characterization, you are destined for chronic existential dread. This is not a recipe for authenticity, let alone happiness.”

Instead of teaching our societies to accept people as they are, the trans agenda is conditioning our children to hate their bodies and reject their true selves. This trans agenda is a tool for the cultural war, and it is out to destroy societies and create adults who are confused and in constant need of external validation. In short, “they” are attempting to create a society filled with adults who have no capacity to question and be critical.

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