February 21, 2024

How Transgenderism Can Lead To Transhumanism


In this analysis for the Catholic World Report, Sociology Professor Anne Hendershott tells us the story of Martine Rothblatt (born Martin Rothblatt). Rothblatt undewent a radical sex-reassignment surgery in 1994, and later on realized that transgenderism is just the first step towards immortality. In Rothblatt’s book entitled From Transgender to Transhuman, he says, “I came to realize that choosing one’s gender is merely an important subset of choosing one’s form…21st century software made it technologically possible to separate our minds from our bodies”.

Hendershott then goes on to say that both transhumanism and trangenderism stem from envy, which she defines as “a form of status anxiety that causes a contagion of ‘miming’ the desires of others”. She adds, “We are seeing that miming in the frenzy of the growth of transgenderism and we will see that in the desires of those wishing to control our very essence as human persons”.

Editor’s Note: This article is important for us Filipinos for various reasons. First, it introduces to us a kind of logic to understand transgenderism that is sometimes not present among Catholic and Christian critics of the transgender movement. It looks at the evidences showing that the current push in Western societies for young children to socially transition is not for their wellbeing, but rather, for the gain of big companies that stand to profit from a society that is unable to nurture authenticity.

Here we see clearly how transgenderism is the first step towards transhumanism, and though we continue to respect adults who choose this path for themselves, we stand against the propaganda that children should change their bodies as early as they can. Not only is this propaganda harming our children physically, it is also ensuring that the current generation of children will grow up hating themselves, and by extension, humanity. Pushing for transgenderism in schools is creating an identity crisis among the young. It is a culture war – one that was meant to keep our societies divided and distracted as our “would-be” overlords who control resources, do whatever they want.

If the elites truly care about humanity, why won’t they give up their money so that the rest of the world would be able to access products and services without needing to pay? Why won’t they support schools that teaches what it means to be fully human? Why do they want to control the narrative regarding sex and gender? Why are they prioritizing this issue when there are millions of people who are afflicted with war and disease? Why do they push gender transitioning, when we can all just accept and respect people for who they are, regardless of their sex and gender? Can’t we go beyond the physical in order to see the beauty of the soul that resides in each one of us?

Lately, we’ve been seeing ads promoting diversity, of loving your skin, no matter what color or weight you are. Why can’t we do the same for the sexual organs we were born with?

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