May 29, 2024

Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts takes on the elites at the WEF Annual Meeting.

Recently, CCH wrote about alarming topics emerging from the current WEF meeting of global elites in Davos, Switzerland.[1] The past days have revealed more concerning topics. At the same time, the WEF meeting also showed signs that the effects of the resistance were making a considerable impact on the conduct of the Davos meeting.

Let us first take a look at some of the WEF agenda. Then we will cover some of the resistance that emerged in the meeting at Davos 2024.


To be expected, climate change was a big topic. However, the President of the WEF discussed the topic in connection with the ‘new world order’. These elitists no longer hide their agenda. It is out in the open.

The desperation over climate change and harm to nature has reached a point wherethe topic of “ecocide” has now entered into the lexicon of the WEF. CCH agrees that wanton and senseless damage to Nature has to be stopped. However, the WEF is a master at distorting the meaning of ordinary or common language, including vaccines, and sustainable development, among others. Remember 1984.  The meaning of ecocide will be very contentious especially if they are gearing to charge this as a crime similar to genocide. We will see more of this debate in the years to come.

Although it has been branded as a WEF 2024 topic, it is not. The next post below comes from an earlier WEF meeting on an unspecified date. We already cited this post below in 2023. Nonetheless, it is important to pay attendtion to this topic. It is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capacity to interfere with national elections. This use of AI is a threat to democracy.  But this is not the only threat of AI. It is a potential exctinction event as discussed in an earlier CCH post.[2]


Here is an interesting Twitter post regarding experts and misinformation.

In a panel discussing various issues, some participants complained about the widespread misinformation about various favorite WEF topics like vaccines and climate change. The interesting quote here is: ‘When did the word expert become almost an insult?’[Bold added.]

Since formerly trusted individuals and institutions weaponized science and many other topics during the Covid scamdemic, millions who have awakened to the lies and violence of the New World Order obviously can no longer trust the pronouncements of these pathological liars.

But a more devastating critique and warning comes from Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation.[3] The Foundation is a world-famous Washington DC think tank whose policy papers, albeit often controversial,  carry weight in the deliberations of both Congress and the White House. He outlined mistaken assumptions of globalists at the WEF.

Before he does that, he made clear that the global elites at Davos are “part of the problem”. The elites say that “the reality is X” when, in fact, “the reality is Y”.  Then he goes on to point out that elites point out that “open borders” and “illegal immigration” are OK but the ordinary people in the US say that “both rob them of the American way of life.”. He continues in a similar vein describing the huge problems of public safety in the US, the need to be careful with China, and the alarmism connected with climate change that, he says, is a favorite agenda at WEF and for which the solutions cost far more than the problem being created. Finally, he has a special place for the WHO. The WHO is discussing “foisting gender ideology upon the Global South. These are practices under review, if not being rejected by countries in Northern Europe. [4]

We end this quick overview with a post from a Member of Parliament in Australia. See below. This is a clear signal that the WEF crimes are becoming visible in places where possible action can be taken to stop them. Australia is not the only one waking up to the vaccine crimes against the people. The awareness is happening all over the world.

In summary, WEF thinks that it is on top of the world. If the unusual dissent within the WEF meeting is a sign of things to come, it will not go well for the agenda of the WEF. But, on the other hand, their desperation not to be captured with their pants down, would eventually lead to extreme measures to harm humanity including Disease X, climate lockdowns, escalating wars, and an AGI “accident” that could lead to human annihilation.

Hopefully, Team Humanity will find a way to stop these planned disasters for humanity. We can only win if we all do our best, given where we are, to fight for a better world.


  1. We need to vigilant. The members of the Cabal are master manipulators. The socalled internal dissent are most likely controlled opposition creating another fake problem to justify certain actions that advance their agenda. They’re just putting on a show so the masses will eat it up. While they get distracted, the Cabal continues to advance the agenda. An example of these: Elon Musk buying Twitter and being branded as hero for protecting free speech and Gain of Function research in Wuhan with covid as a bioweapon.

    1. This is also a possibility. This is the reason why it is still best to trust, not on flowery words, but on the concrete actions of our fellow freedom fighters.

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