June 15, 2024

Some Journal Editors Bribed By Firms To Publish Fake Papers


An investigation by Science reveals that paper mills have written several papers published in journals. These researches contain made-up data, and are low quality, if not outright plagiarized. Companies offer large sums of cash to journal editors in return for accepting papers for publication.

According to the investigation, more than 30 editors of respectable journals are involved in this activity, and many were guest editors of special issues which could have more lenient editorial standards.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, says Matt Hodgkinson who works with the UK Research Integrity Office. Hodgkinson says, “These are organized crime rings that commit large-scale fraud”.

Editor’s Note: Remember the fraudulent research about hydroxychloroquine published in 2020 by The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)? That article used made-up data and had to be retracted [though not fast enough, as it already affected COVID response, read Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy.

Do you also remember the abundance of early research published about COVID, which turned out to be of low quality design, with many failing to meet the usual quality standards? Well, now you know how that happened. [Also read An Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine].

Imagine how much worse the fraud is now, with many researchers openly using ChatGPT in writing their reports.

While the business of papermills is booming in profit, there is also the censorship of scientific studies that do not conform to the mainstream narrative [there are many examples of this during the COVID hysteria, see Journal censors article showing high incidence of heart inflammation following Pfizer vaccination, Scientists quit board to pressure journal into retracting study showing COVID vaccines can kill, Journals are refusing to publish a mask study from Denmark].

See how systemic the attack is on truth? The problem is no longer just fake news manufactured by mainstream media. We have fake science too! This is why we must hone our skills in research and we can no longer on other people to determine for us what is true and what is not [see SMART RESEARCH IN AN AGE OF DISINFORMATION AND A COLLAPSING PLANET].

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