June 16, 2024

Journals are refusing to publish a mask study from Denmark


Researchers from Denmark want to know if masks can slow the spread of infectious disease, so they conducted what may be the only randomized trial designed to determine whether masks can actually protect against COVID-19. The study involved 6,000 participants who were randomly assigned to wear face masks or not for 30 days. Participants were confirmed to not have COVID-19 or symptoms of it at the beginning of the study.

The results at the moment are still in secret as three medical journals, The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association have all refused to publish the study. When asked when the article will be published, lead author Thomas Benfield from the University of Copenhagen replied, “As soon as a journal is brave enough”. This hints to speculations that the results goes against the mainstream COVID-19 narrative [We know though that a previous study on masks have already been published by The Lancet, but the study is seriously flawed, see WHO mask study seriously flawed].

Editor’s Note: If a research is well conducted, its research methodology accurate, then why wouldn’t a journal publish the study?Aren’t fast tracked studies the thing these days? [Articles about COVID-19 are being published with very little quality control, see Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy and Will evidence-based medicine be another casualty of COVID-19?] We know from various accounts that censorship of alternative views regarding COVID-19 is alive and well [read The Pandemic of Censorship, and the more recent story of censorship of The Great Barrington Declaration, Epidemiologists on the cost of lockdown, the science of immunity, and the politicization of the pandemic]. Moreover, scientists proposing alternative solutions at dealing with the coronavirus are also having a hard time in getting opportunities for publication [see Prof. Sunetra Gupta: Let children be exposed to viruses]. 

Why Won’t Anyone Publish the Danish Mask Study?

Why Won’t Anyone Publish the Danish Mask Study?

A study of 6,000 Danes was set to reveal whether wearing a face mask actually reduces the risk of COVID-19. The only problem is leading medical journals are refusing to publish the data, and the study’s lead author hinted it’s because they’re not “brave enough” to do it


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