February 21, 2024

In this October 22, 2020 article, J.B. Handley shows that there is no logic to the imposition of any coronavirus restriction. Using real-world data about the coronavirus, he shows to us that lockdowns have made no impact in terms of preventing deaths due to the virus.

Handley says, “suffering from the illusion of control, some of our leaders genuinely believe that somehow their actions will snuff this virus out, as if that’s ever been done or is even possible”.

He also reiterates the various facts we now know about COVID, and how they can be used to guide policy. Some of these facts he mentions include the following:

(1) The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is (a) roughly 0.23% and (b) dramatically different depending on age.

(2) The PCR tests we are using for COVID is likely over-stating the number of COVID cases by as much as 10-fold.

(3) In the Western world, all-cause mortality – the most reasonable way to measure the impact of COVID – has normalized, showing us the pandemic is over.

(4) The herd immunity threshold (HIT) for COVID is 10-20%, not the 60-70% often quoted in the mainstream media.

(5) The scale of misperception of risk around COVID…is off the charts, fomenting unnecessary fear and prolonging engagement in “health theater”.

(6) Keeping any schools closed isn’t supported by the science.

(7) Scientists, governors, and entire countries are trying to return the world to sanity. Many are now calling the end to all coronavirus restrictions.

Editor’s Note: This article has summarized everything we have learned about the coronavirus in the last seven (7) months of the pandemic. We have seen these same insights repeated by various different experts [see articles under Burning Questions and Collective Actions].

The pandemic is over, governments must accept that they made a mistake. They owe it to the children and the young, whose futures they have compromised, to return society to the way it was.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 4.0: the illusion of control — j.b. handley blog

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 4.0: the illusion of control — j.b. handley blog

By J.B. Handley The story I will tell my grandchildren someday will go something like this: A totalitarian regime—China—flipped out and locked down an entire city when they discovered a new virus. Most of the world’s leaders, throwing out a century of hard-earned knowledge about how to manage th


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