April 17, 2024

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! The Senate is Rushing the Approval of SB 1869. This is a Digital Prison for Filipinos, Controlled by the WHO, Aided by Our Treacherous Government Which Will Surveil Us 24/7


It is clear that the Senate is not interested in a dialogue with concerned Filipinos. They are not serious about their sworn duty to listen and serve Filipinos. It is clear that the Senators are going to rush this Bill to approval.

14 February 2023

Dear Friends, 

Based on your Petitions and on your behalf, Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) sent a total of three letters to all members of the Philippine Senate detailing why SB1869 would be a disaster to the Filipino people.[1]The letters were initially on HB6522. The Senate had not yet formally released its own version, which is now called SB1869 as of yesterday. Both, however, are very similar in content and substance. For details, see these letters dated 14 December 2022, 02 February 2023, and 07 February 2023. You can access the letters on the CCH website. Click here, here and here. So as not to burden you with documents, we are providing only a copy of said letters to Senate President Miguel Zubiri. But all Senators had the exact same copy. 

Basically, all Senators ignored these letters of concern and requests for an appointment to have a conversation on SB1869. The staff of two Senators replied and said there was no need for an appointment. The letters said enough. Instead of a conversation, the Senate suddenly held a plenary First Reading yesterday on SB1869. In that session, most of the co-sponsors of SB1869 said they wanted to have the Bill approved as soon as possible. 

It is clear that the Senate is not interested in a dialogue with concerned Filipinos. They are not serious about their sworn duty to listen and serve Filipinos. It is clear that the Senators are going to rush this Bill to approval.

We have to resist this betrayal of Philippine sovereignty to the WHO. SB1869 has a total of 6 references to International Health Regulations which places the WHO in control of our country thru their control of our health policies. SB1869 also has 42 references to surveillance which our own treacherous government will be empowered to implement. 

Let us not forget what the lockdowns, masks, vaccinations, and other forced measures did to all of us. These measures destroyed millions of Filipino jobs and livelihoods; killed thousands; and harmed tens of thousands of Filipinos. The latter are low estimates as our country suffered over 290,000 excess deaths[2]https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2022/04/30/2021-records-290125-excess-deaths in 2021 primarily likely due to forced vaccinations as other analysts and scientists are starting to point out

We need to protect our rights, our freedoms, our democracy, and our future. Here is what you can do. 

For immediate action, kindly send all Senators messages on their emails and social media that they need to stop rushing the approval of SB1869, study the matter more carefully, and remove onerous provisions of the Bill that would give, among others, the WHO and the Philippine government overwhelming powers on the lives of Filipinos using a so-called health emergency as an excuse. Visit the link below to obtain the contact information of all Senators.[3]https://legacy.senate.gov.ph/senators/sen19th.asp

This is just a beginning immediate action. The Senators need to know that thousands of Filipinos are watching closely and resisting this Bill. The Senators should know that we know this Bill could mean the destruction of the life, health, and freedoms of Filipinos as well as the surrender of Philippine sovereignty and democracy to an alien, foreign power that has very little genuine concern for our health and safety.

CCH is preparing a Briefing Paper that will analyze in detail all the dangerous defects of SB1869. When this is finished, soonest, it will provide the substance for a second round of messages that all concerned will send to the Senate. The Briefing Paper provides scientific and factual evidence as to why SB1869 will be perilous and a disaster to the future of our country.

Of course, others are more than welcome to send their own detailed analyses and messages. That would even be better as this would demonstrate that many are now doing their own research and coming to the same conclusion.

We also envision a third course of action after the first two responses are done. We will organize a protest in front of the Senate. Hopefully, thousands will join us in this rally.

This is the moment of decision. The government needs to feel our resistance. Otherwise, they will continue business as usual and abuse us as they are often doing. They will not fear us because, if there is no real large-scale outrage, they will have judged correctly that most Filipinos do not really care about their freedoms and rights. The power structure will have calculated correctly that most Filipinos have become docile slaves willing to just follow whatever ridiculous policies the government will impose on them.

This is the point of no return. Either we stop the madness in this Bill together. Or we will face a future of tremendous repression and misery, the likes of which we cannot even fully imagine at this point. However, if you take a look at what is going on in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and other democracies that have become fascist totalitarian states, then we will know what awaits us. It will be a fate as repressive and brutal as the current Chinese government where people are routinely tracked and subjected to outrageous abuse.

Your choice. Act now. Speak out and send your messages. Or forever hold your piece. This is the great divide of humanity that we are facing and the Philippines is not going to be spared from this. We either doom ourselves or we arise to our greatness as Filipinos, willing to sacrifice to create a better country.


In solidarity,

Nicanor Perlas

Covid Call to Humanity


1 The letters were initially on HB6522. The Senate had not yet formally released its own version, which is now called SB1869 as of yesterday. Both, however, are very similar in content and substance.
2 https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2022/04/30/2021-records-290125-excess-deaths
3 https://legacy.senate.gov.ph/senators/sen19th.asp

99 thoughts on “WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! The Senate is Rushing the Approval of SB 1869. This is a Digital Prison for Filipinos, Controlled by the WHO, Aided by Our Treacherous Government Which Will Surveil Us 24/7

    1. It’s clearly a worldwide attack against humanity. Unfortunely, I think that we may not expect a global revolution, but as the survey capitalism has built a system to control all the peoples, we have to build a new world slowly but deeply in order to construct an human network not based only on technology!

    2. Am one with you in supporting this fight against the “Great Reset” & “One World Government” rammed our throats by these globalist elites under the organization of the World Economic Forum(WEF) & the United Nations!!!

    3. Please stop the oppression and control of the Filipino people by depriving us of our freedoms of speech, choice, and privacy. We put you in power to run the country to better serve the people not to make the people your slaves.

    4. Total control of humanity as whhat the scheme of the elite cabal der7ved from 5he WEF & the WHO to conquer our sovereignty as a democratic nation si let’s all wake up folks otherwise we would fall by this duabolical trapped

    5. REQUESTING EMAILS OF SENATORS so we can bombard all of them with Emails To STOP This Satanic Bill from passing . PRAYING WE ARE A SHEEP NATION not a goat..

    6. I totally agree to stop this bill from being approved as its disastrous to our health. This has been the plan of the globalist to depopulate nations and put them under their control. Underdeveloped countries might not be able to refuse because they would not extend loans to support our economy. The great reset has began ever since plandemic covid 19 started. But let us not give up against all evil plans of the globalist. Lets pray that God with all His love for all His faithfuls will intervene for us! That He will give us all the courage to fight for the good of all humanity!

    7. It will not stop by itself if there is NOT ONE PEOPLE STANDING UP TO STOP IT: WE HAND TO ENTER IN A NATIONAL STRIKE against this abuse now. If it enters in force, it will be almost impossible to get rid of it legally anymore.

  1. Our Freedom is at Risk.
    No Foreign Entity can ever dictate what a sovereign country is capable of implementing to the best interest of its constituents and has a power not to comply with the WHO Agenda which is a Worldwide Medical Health Tyranny.

  2. How to convince the entire police and military will follow The Constitution? And Not any draconian bill?

    Is there a way to protect the salaries of police & military who protects our human rights?

    The tr@!t0rs will be in their aircondioned offices, the police & military will be the ones on field…

    (((This my second post, sorry, i’m not sure if i unintentionally erase the first one…)))

  3. As a sovereign Filipino I am voicing out my right to oppose this proposed SB1869. The creation of this Ph. CDC act is an act of treason to the Filipino nation. I do not consent and will never give away my sovereign power and freedom over this tyranical proposed law by the senate. I stand on my constitutional rights as a free citizen of the Philippines.

      1. Stop HB6522! It is against our constitution. We don’t need alien invasion into our country. We have to control our own land and not by anybody else whose main goal is to destroy us Filipinos. The people are your voice so listen to us.

  4. A government which does not listen to We The People, who allow them to represent us, is an illegitimate entity. When such an entity, divorced from We The People, pushes thru legislation against the The People’s wishes and best interests, it is a tyrranical regime.

  5. I sayand stand for freedom and salvation of filipino from tyranny and wickedness.

    I pray Almighty God send your holy hands and justice.

  6. Yes, I’ve heard it yesterday in my other fb account I felt sad, I’m afraid we can’t do anything about it. This is not just in our country, but all over the world even here where I recide they don’t even discuss this matter to the public. Only mnisters made it in the parliament the they let the people know when its done. The best thing for us to do is prepare for the worst!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. There is something we can do about it. Speak up, and get the news to as many people are possible. While we prepare for the worst, it is important to continue to safeguard our constitutional right to freedom. If we give up now, then there truly is no hope.

    1. There is currently a senate hearing on SB1869 but our good senators are ignoring our pleas for a face to face conversation so we can explain the many issues of the Philippine CDC bill. They think they are only setting up a “health institution”, not realizing that this is the trojan horse that will bring us under WHO control

  7. Am one with you in supporting this fight against the “Great Reset” & “One World Government” rammed our throats by these globalist elites under the organization of the World Economic Forum(WEF) & the United Nations!!!


  9. All citizens should oppose HB 6522 and the Senate version of this.Walang silbi Yan lower at upper congress. Mas gusto nilang pagsilbihan ang mga oligarko na salot sa buong Mundo. Buwagin na Yan kongreso. Puro traydor at mukhang Pera Ang mga iyan.

  10. To all senators… Maawa kayo sa mga tao,maging kayo at pmilya ninyo ay maapektuhan nitong ipapasa ninyo. Maawa kayo sa mga taong patuloy na naghihikahos dulot Ng plandemyang ito.ndi pa nakakarecover Ang nkararami.kayo ay aming iniluklok dahilan kung bakit Anjan kayo sa pwesto,na inaaakala at umaasa kaming kayo ang magtataguyod at maaring magligtas sa lahat Ng mga kabuhungan at katiwaliang ngaganap ngaun sa ATING gobyerno.wag Po ninyong hayaang saklawan nila Ang ating buong Buhay Lalo na Ang ating karapatan at kalayaan.ALL SENATORS NGAUN PO NMIN KAYO HIGIT NA KAILANGAN.

    It is our Sacred Right to make our own health choices. Government Should Not Dictate and Never surrender to WHO.
    Listen to The People…STOP THE BILL!!!

  12. For Whom it May Concern,

    For government officials we the people elected into office. Please stop and don’t pass SB1869, thank you!

  13. By the power of God who has given to each one of us who is a believer believing God 🙏❤️ Let’s continue to pray and be united in a goal of reaching out nations our Philippines be vigilant in having joy peace and righteousness. We truly submit to our government however if we see that is not alligned with God’s faithfulness plan’s we can speak up without violence, humbled 💖 heart we are one family Luzon Visayas and Mindanao for peace love ❤️💕😘🙏🙏 To God be the Glory

    1. Human rights were made for these times. We must insist on our right to self-determination, in all its forms, and we must protect our institutions!

    2. They will soon rule the world as prophesied (see Revelation 13:7). Many will be imprisoned or killed (see Revelation 13:10). Soon they will control the world and then they will declare “peace and security” and their sudden destruction will come (see 1 Thessalonians 5:3). Prepare your sanctuary in the mountains now while there is still time.

  14. Pls.stop the bill..HB6522 AND SB1869
    CALLING THE ATTENTION TO ALL SENATORS.PLSSSS…DONOT APPROVED THAT BILL.if you really love and serve your country men ..do not approve…for the sake of the Filipinos..i hope all filipinos will pray hard to God.,

  15. Dear Senators,

    Australia rejected WHO proposals… But why PH embraces it and is making it a law?..
    If we follow any international law in our own land…. it means we’re stepping over our sovereignty….
    Please drop this bill… And please keep our country away from global dictators…

  16. Dear senators,
    Please stop the bill HB6522 / SB1869. We will all suffer if you don’t. We will all be doomed. That includes you, your family, your relatives, and your friends. We will soon be judged by God and we will be liable for the consequences of our actions. As the Lord Jesus Christ said “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”

  17. Pushbacks could delay their agenda but sooner or later, they will prevail and rule the world as prophesied. Go to the mountains now and prepare your sanctuary while there is still time. Revelation 13:7 It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.

  18. Please enlighten us about this issue. There is nobody in the comment section explained what this is all about. Please let us know all the complications of the bill, so we may be one with you.

    1. No to Medical Martial Law, No to Oppressive Provisions of Senate Bill 1869 Creating the Philippine Center for Disease Prevention and Control.
      The right to life is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. A law that authorizes compulsion or coercion of persons so that experimental vaccinations and medical protocols may be used on them, plays Russian Roulette with individuals and violates their human right to life.
      The quarantine of “suspect” persons, who are not ill, violates basic human rights. SB 1869 goes further to authorize the isolation or quarantine of persons who are unable or unwilling, for reasons of health, religion, or conscience, to undergo immunization or treatment. Liberty is also curtailed with lockdowns and with all the restrictions that may be imposed on the right to work, to education, to enter public spaces, all on the basis of a person’s vaccination status, age, health, and other circumstances. Such provisions can easily lead to abusive restrictions of individual freedoms of persons who are not even sick.
      The power to order the PNP and the NBI to locate mere “suspect” persons, is a breeding ground for abuse and many experienced how quarantine measures were implemented with excessive force, to the detriment of the people’s freedoms, economic condition and mental wellness.
      The Philippine Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as the right to privacy of communication and correspondence. Senate Bill 1869, on the otherhand, gives the CDC expansive powers of surveillance, from getting data in possession of the Telecommunications Companies (location and other information from our cellphones) to the introduction of nano-trackers or microchips into human bodies. 666 and the Mark of the Beast? Big Brother spying on our every move? R.A. 10173, treats of personal data in the same manner as personal property. Thus, personal data should never be collected, processed and stored by any organization, without the owner’s explicit consent.
      The right to prior, free, and informed consent is protected under the UN’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Under Article 6, “1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.
      Especially applicable to the recent, massive, worldwide dispensation of insufficiently tested Covid-19 jabs is Article 6, “2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent.”
      Not only were “vaccines” pushed on us as if these were safe and the only weapon against Covid-19, Doctors had to follow the established protocols for prevention (vaccines), and hospital treatment (remdesivir, tocilizumab, intubation). Speaking out against the official protocols and promoting alternatives like Ivermectin, hydroxycholoroquine, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), endemic tawa-taw (anti-asthma plant), vitamins, and supplements could mean the loss of the license to practice, censure, even criminal liability.
      The World Health Organization and International Health Regulations (IHR), a treaty signed by WHO country members, are necessary but should we consent to mandatory procedures, protocols, and regulations imposed by the WHO? WHO member states are currently working to amend the IHR to change the role of WHO from advisory to mandatory, to declare emergencies on potential, not just actual health concerns, intensify WHO’s power of censorship, and possibly, replace a provision that requires “respect for dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of people” in the implementation of IHR regulations, with a provision that the implementation of these regulations should be “in accordance with . . . differentiated responsibilities of the State Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.” A case of the rich and more powerful countries together with big pharmaceutical conglomerates dictating and abusing poor, less developed countries like the Philippines?
      WE, THE UNDERSIGNED PEOPLE OF NEGROS OCCIDENTAL AND THE PHILIPPINES, DEMAND intelligent discussion with objective Philippine experts, public hearings, interviews, and interpellations, as should be done before the passage of any law, especially a law that potentially infringes and violates our human rights. We stand against a law that allows the replication, that gives more powerful teeth to the oppressive, authoritarian, and militaristic measures that were the government’s response to COVID-19. CTTO Andrea Si

  19. Thank you so much for being aware and concerned for us/everyone! May GOD continues to GUIDE, SUPPORT and BLESS all your team that everyone will be awaken!

  20. https://twitter.com/SikhForTruth/status/1628171379487956997/mediaViewer?currentTweet=1628171379487956997&currentTweetUser=SikhForTruth ……. Hi CCtH as usual you guys are in the right side of history. The Pinas gov is corrupt since long ago, way before Imelda with her 5000 or more expensive shoes and her walls hanging pictures of famous painters from 1 million dollars to way more, now the legacy is “BoingBoingBoing” (almost sounds like an Eminem song) and he is what he is, a remnant of the U.S. elite’s, a server, a puppet, obeying his masters far away in the other side of the world, an elite that does not care at all for any Pilipino or Pilipina and their well being, but CCtH have friends there and here far away and we know what their filthy plan is and this time may take a while and may be gonna be a bit late but never late enough to awake the workers and beautiful families of the entire South East Asia and the whole world and We All gonna rebel against these corporations and their owners and shareholders on time. Stop using Goolag to begin with, stop using Micro soft and helping eugenicists to control Our world, stay away from facebook or whatever that is called now, buy local buy Made in Pilipinas, buy from your neighbours Indonesia and Malaysia, buy from India, from your brothers and sisters. And CCtH that link above is all related with your article here watch and share. God Bless you all! And if my words offend some im sorry just publish the tweet with the important clip to explain to the less informed ones what the digital control is all about. Cheers

  21. My prior comment a link to twitter open eyes clip was not published
    I’m sorry I did not please the forum
    It was all about the article and I need to connect us who are aware of this elite’s control and liasons with big tech
    God bless us all

    1. Hello Chau, your previous comment has been published. We have been getting a lot of spam, and it was automatically directed to the spam folder. Please know that we do not censor comments on this site, regardless of the contents (whether we agree or not), as long as they are written by real people.

      Thank you for always engaging on this platform. We always appreciate your comments.

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