June 25, 2024

NIH Scientists Made $710M In Royalties From Drug Makers


Data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that the agency and its scientists earned $710 million in royalties from drug companies, from late 2021 to 2023. Of that amount, $690 million went to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the sub-agency led by Dr. Anthony Fauci [and the same agency that funded the coronavirus gain of function research in Wuhan, read Fauci lied: NIH funded Wuhan lab which created human-transmissible bat coronavirus, Fauci caught lying again, this time about NIAID’s ties with Wuhan Lab, New evidence ties COVID-19 origin to Wuhan lab, research funded by NIAID].

It is unclear whether COVID-19 vaccine royalties from Pfizer and Moderna were included in these numbers and how much was given to specific scientists.

Editor’s Note: See how much money the NIH receives from pharmaceutical agencies? Is it any wonder, then, why they preferred to push for the experimental COVID shots instead of the safer alternative like ivermectin? [See Chris Cuomo Makes Ivermectin About Face, Says Medical Community Gave Bad Information About the Drug, Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin, VigiAccess Data Shows COVID Vaccines More Dangerous than Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Australia restricts use of life-saving Ivermectin through bureaucratic decree, Court Says FDA Overstepped Its Authority When It Campaigned Against Using Ivermectin for COVID, YouTube deletes 2015 video of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Satoshi Ōmura discussing ivermectin, How Ivermectin’s success has been suppressed by mainstream media, Why Ivermectin is the best treatment for COVID].

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