June 25, 2024

FOIA Shows Forced Retraction of Study Linking COVID Shots to Increased Cancer Risk


The article discusses the publication and subsequent retraction of a scientific paper in October 2021, which highlighted potential DNA damage caused by the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and associated vaccines. The authors, Dr. Hui Jiang and Dr. Ya-Fang Mei, faced pressure from Stockholm University to retract the paper, despite Mei’s opposition to the decision. Emails reveal a lack of scientific justification for the retraction and suggest it may have been influenced by public pressure and activism. The retraction notice cited concerns about experimental methods, but Mei refutes these, maintaining the validity of the study’s findings. Some speculate that political motives may have influenced the retraction, aiming to suppress evidence of COVID-19 vaccine harms.

In this article, Rebekah Barnett provides the FOIA documents. She also summarizes new studies vindicating Jiang and Mei.

Editor’s Note: How can we trust science when we know it has been politicized and scientists cannot speak out against their employers for fear of losing their jobs? If you have been following our coverage of the COVID scamdemic, you know that medical professionals are threatened in various ways to keep quiet.

We are grateful that many dared to stand their ground despite the threats.

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