February 29, 2024

Duque agrees to redefine “full vaccination” to increase vax rate


In this June 6, 2022 article for the Manila Bulletin, Jel Santos reports on a recent statement made by Department of Health Secretary (DOH) Francisco T. Duque III.

In a press briefing, Duque said that he agreed with health experts to redefine the term “full vaccination” by adding the first booster shot as it could lead to an increase in COVID vaccination in the country.

Duque, however, says that this is not the current position of the Interagency Task Force (IATF), as the economic team does not agree with this. He says that while the economic team wants to ramp up boosters, they do not think it should be mandatory.

Duque says that he will reintroduce this move to the IATF for consensus.

Editor’s Note: The plan to make booster shots mandatory in order for one to be “fully vaccinated” is clearly a matter of disposing of the excessive vaccines purchased by the government.[Read Government Ramps Up Vaccination and Booster Shot Campaign Due to 27 Million Near-Expiry COVID Doses].

It has nothing to do with your health, or with science [see Japanese Cardiovascular Surgeon: Stop Vaccine Boosters, Serious Risks Recorded, Influential journal publishes warning on boosters, Vaccine Experts Say COVID Booster Shots for Children Not Yet Necessary, Sir Peter Vallance: Boosters every four months cannot continue, Is it Safe to Take COVID Booster Shots Annually?, COVID Vaccines Efficacy Wanes Thus Public is Encouraged to Get Booster Shots].

We hope that Filipinos learn the difficult lesson now: we cannot get out of this pandemic by conforming to the illogical rules of the government.

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