June 14, 2024



Friends of Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) have reached out to us wanting to have clarity regarding the tactical alliance that CCH has with National Peoples Initiative (NPI). CCH has tactical alliances with other groups as well but there were no concerns expressed with these other groups. CCH will thus focus solely on CCH’s tactical alliance with NPI. 

CCH is thankful for these messages seeking clarification as CCH has been intending to write about the nature and importance of tactical alliances in general and a tactical alliance in  connection with SB 1869. Furthermore CCH is grateful that those who wrote CCH were disturbed but non-judgmental regarding the tactical alliance between CCH and NPI. They simply wanted to have accurate information directly from CCH before they formed their own opinion about the matter. 

Tactical Alliance in General

tactical alliance happens when two or more distinct and independent groups come together, not to merge together, but to coordinate efforts to achieve a very specific and limited objective

CCH, with PRACT,  has done this before in the case of Gising Maharlikha. See here and here.

In contrast, a strategic alliance happens when diverse independent groups come together to achieve wide-ranging and long-term strategic goals like, for example, legally changing the political structure of a country or some such other broad goals that would take years to achieve. 

The groups that enter into a tactical alliance do not necessarily have to agree on a whole range of issues. They may even have disagreements from the past.  Worst, they may have to deal with questionable motives and deeds that key leaders of the alliance may have. 

But they have decided to set aside these differences, doubts, and disagreements to focus on limited objective(s) they can agree on. They do this because they realize that an issue may be so urgent that it would be important and wise to unify around an issue that could have adverse impacts on their respective different concerns and priorities. 

With this perspective, we can better understand the tactical alliance between CCH and NPI.

Tactical Alliance between CCH and NPI to Stop SB 1869

CCH gave out a call to all individuals and groups  to oppose the enactment of SB 1869 into law. See here.

CCH is very much familiar with the background of this group. In fact, CCH had to write an article why it could not form a strategic alliance with some members of this group. View here and here.

CCH is also familiar with the drama that took place among members of this group as they splintered and went their separate ways. CCH is further familiar with the claims and counter claims that the splintered groups accused each other of. In addition, CCH is familiar with the personal attacks that one person made against another person and vice-versa. 

CCH did not want to enter into a clarification of these issues. It was not possible then and now to have the parties involved face each other in order for  CCH to make its independent judgment. Nor was this clarification a pre-condition for a tactical alliance. 

The tactical alliance had the SOLE objective of stopping stopping SB 1869, not investigating the integrity of those involved.  It was urgent that all concerned oppose SB 1869 immediately.  It was not the time to dive deeper into the issues surrounding NPI and the groups connected with it. 

Besides, CCH was very clear with itself that, if other motives and actions surfaced that were not agreed upon, then CCH would immediately stop its alliance with the individual and/or group concerned. 

What was and is important for CCH was that various leaders of groups within NPI as well as other groups responded to the call for unity and action of CCH. More accurately, they did not respond to the call of CCH. They were already there even before CCH decided to do daily protests during the plenary sessions of the Senate. 

These individuals and groups decided to accept and support CCH’s intent to fight SB 1869 on an intensified basis. In effect, CCH actually joined Freedom Warriors who were already there fighting against SB 1869. That became the basis of establishing the tactical alliance. 

Not only did they welcome CCH and joined forces together, NPI and other groups displayed courage, stamina and commitment. Dozens actually slept on the Senate site for months. They were bitten by mosquitos all night long and surrounded by the stench of urine in makeshift toilets. They also could not take showers often as there was no access to water which had to be laboriously brought from the outside. 

Even more admirable,  they and were not diverted by all kinds of negative comments being hurled against them and, to minor extent, against CCH because of the presence of some character(s) deemed by a few armchair self-appointed judges as undesirable.  We were in a tactical alliance to stop SB 1869 and we could not be distracted by personal and historical issues. That was the important sole objective of all. (See additional related comments below.)

While this tactical alliance was functional, NPI and CCH honored all verbal agreements made during the month-long protests. In addition, the leaders and members of CCH, NPI and the other groups and individuals displayed a level of courage and stamina that was unusual and laudable. 

Even more inspiring, they were willing to die for the country if need be. They would undertake the ultimate sacrifice if the agreed upon legal approaches needed it for the benefit of our country and its future. As the Philippine National Anthem puts it: “Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo” (We will die for your sake.”)

They walked their talk unlike those who were concerned about SB 1869 but never showed up at the Senate protest area even though they could. If people all the way from Isabela, Laguna, Bicol. Bulacan, Pampanga, and other provinces and regions could show up, why would people living in NCR not show up at all? Interesting isn’t it if it were not tragic.

Eventually, this ragtag tactical alliance won Round 1 of this struggle to stop SB 1869. See here, here and here.

However, our tactical alliance is not perfect and is a work-in-progress. Two examples below exemplify this.

Clarifications Regarding the June 12, 2023 Activity of National Peoples Initiative

Perceptive observers may have noticed that CCH did not participate in the NPI-initiated activity on June 12, 2023. There are two reasons for this. 

First, this was outside the scope of the original tactical alliance. Second, and decisively important, CCH could not agree with the way NPI framed the June 12 event. 

For one thing, CCH did not want to be lumped together with NPI as no formal strategic conversations have taken place regarding the ultimate goals and objectives of NPI. If NPI agreed to form another and larger tactical alliance just focused on SB 1869, then CCH would consider becoming part of that larger tactical alliance. But the name would have to be changed  

CCH could not fall under the name of NPI because a new larger tactical alliance would come into being. The latter would therefore have a different name than NPI and the name would be very clear that it was solely for stopping SB 1869.

Another issue was with the tone of the statement that was publicly distributed. CCH could not agree with aspects of the statement. 

Concretely, for just one example, CCH could not agree with this statement. NPI characterized people who did not attend the protest as wanting to remain stupid (“manatili kayong ungas at tanga”). The statement as a whole calls for love and unity but people are being divided because they are being insulted. There could be a more appropriate way to “language” NPI’s relevant concerns that are embedded in the statement. Instead the language NPI was using distracted people from understanding their legitimate concern. 

Therefore, dear friends of CCH, if you see CCH’s name in this National Peoples Initiative, we want to emphasized that: CCH Is Not A Member Of NPI And Does NOT Agree With Tone Of NPI’S Statement. 

This incident is a good illustration of what a tactical alliance is. It clearly shows how different is the style and approach of CCH in contrast with the style and approach of NPI. Still CCH is not breaking off the tactical alliance with NPI because both are still committed to stopping SB 1869. That tactical alliance was effective in stopping Round 1 of the SB 1869 deliberations in the Senate. 

In addition, the trust between CCH and NPI improved during the heat of the battle with SB 1869. NPI basically followed all agreements made between CCH and NPI.  So it is possible that NPI thought, without malice, that CCH would be agreeing with this statement. 

Meanwhile, CCH will have a conversation with NPI as to how and why this happened and how to prevent the unapproved use of CCH in NPI materials in the future. Because it the unauthorized use of CCH’s name happens again, then clearly ill intent is involved. If that is the case, then CCH will immediately break off its tactical alliance with NPI. 

Another Clarification: Nicanor Perlas is not a Judge of the Peoples Court

CCH friends also raised the question as to why my name was on the NPI’s tarpaulin. NPI claimed that I was one of the Judges of the Peoples Court that NPI has set up. 

This is not true. NPI probably expected that I would be honored to be part of the Peoples Court. I thanked NPI for this offer but said that I could not accept to be a Judge in the Peoples Court unless and until I obtain a clearer idea of the legal basis for the Peoples Court. There may be one as asserted by many in NPI. But, for CCH, it is not clear that there is a solid statutory basis for the existence of the Peoples Court. 

The important take home here from the two examples is this. CCH is as independent as it has always been in the past. We have not been incorporated within NPI. In addition, tactical alliances can play an important role in achieving certain urgent objectives as long as one prevents intentional misuse of the name of an ally.

So, again, dear Friends of CCH, if you see my name in a NPI tarpaulin or flyer that I am a Judge at their Peoples Court, it is not true. I have asked the appropriate person in NPI to remove my name in list of Judges of the Peoples Court. 

Thanks to CCH Friends

Meanwhile, again, I thank alert friends of CCH for bringing this to my attention. This gave me the opportunity to clarify this question publicly. 

However, I am asking CCH friends to seriously consider the nature of the urgent tactical alliance against SB 1869. You may wish to reconsider your hesitations regarding becoming more active in resisting the potential tyranny that will be unleased in the event that SB 1869 is passed. For that tyranny will engulf all of us and destroy our lives and our society. 

Message For those Disappointed with CCH

It is always the hallmark of a mature judgment if one ensures that he/she has heard both sides of an argument or a perceived betrayal or injustice. If one immediately judges and allows his/her judgment to flow out into social media, then one becomes an unwitting spreader of fake news. Worst, one becomes a disinformation agent. 

See here and here for related examples of fake news by individuals and groups resisting SB 1869 and the personal fallout that comes from this.

We are all here to seek the Truth about Covid, the New World Order, among many other topics. We should therefore apply our standards of truth-seeking to ourselves and not allow what may turn out to be prejudices, cloud our judgment about reality. Not only do we lose our moral authority to question spreaders of fake news. Worst, we start losing our own reputation as spreaders of authentic and truthful information. 

The War with the New World Order Begins Inside Us

We are not awaiting the arrival of the  New World Order that is full of deceit, lies and violent intentions against humanity. We are in the midst of the take down operations of the New World Order. We are in the midst of a massive disinformation war fueled by sophisticated artificial intelligence that now pervades human operations worldwide. This disinformation war will ultimately lead to physical consequences including tyranny, destruction and death. 

Our most important weapon in this battle, among other “weapons”, is our capacity to discern the truth from deceit. For in the end, we are warriors of and for the Truth. If we cannot even learn how to uncover the Truth regarding the appropriate roles of our own allies, tactical or strategic, then we will simply be naïve fodder for the New World Order. 

After all, all external success begins inside, in ourselves, in our precious integrity and reputation for impeccable adherence to the Truth. 

Will Personal Considerations Prevail Over the Necessity to Have a United Stand Against SB 1869

With this deeper understanding and appreciation of what a tactical alliance is, CCH now hopes more people will join in the forthcoming efforts to stop SB 1869. CCH finds it bizarre that some individuals proudly proclaim that they will not join the protest against SB 1869 because a certain individual or individuals they do not like has or have been present and will be present in the protests. 

Is this stance a truthful stance given the massive harm that SB 1869 will do to the nation? See here and here for a review of the dangers of SB 1869.

What the cynical and hesitant person is saying, in effect, is this. I do not care if SB 1869 is passed. I would rather have that tragic fate befall me and the nation just as long as I am not found protesting together with a person I do not trust and may even hate. 

Now, it may be the case that the person being avoided is a liar, a deep penetration agent, an infiltrator, a scammer or whatever. In a tactical alliance, such considerations are not immediately important. That can be investigated and dealt with at a later time when the battle over SB 1869 is over. That consideration is not tactically consequential as long as the person suspected does not sabotage the protest in any way. 

Being seen together with a suspect person does not necessarily mean that you are condoning his/her past deceitful or fraudulent action, if such is ultimately proven to be the case. In the tactical alliance to take down SB 1869, what is more important is to achieve the desired outcome. VICTORY! NO SB 1869. 

This is not a Machiavellian principle of  “the end justifies the means”. In this case the ends and the means have the same quality. The “end” is to stop SB 1969. The “means” is to have all hands on deck stop SB 1869. If some hands on deck are questionable, at least their involvement in achieving  this important “end” will help redeem some aspects of their putative dark side. 

The only caveat here is that such suspected character does not harm the efforts to stop SB 1869. It is the experience of CCH in its months long struggle with SB 1869 that no such thing has happened with NPI and other groups. 

When that victory over SB 1869 is achieved and everybody’s future is secure, then one can pursue more deeply one’s concern about the authenticity or problematic character of another person. 

However, this possibility will not happen when we are all under de facto martial law governed by the WHO and DOH, locked down, digitally tracked, chased by Telcos and the PNP as targets for forced vaccination, placed in quarantine camps, digital prisons and so on. Under this specter of a future, worrying about the impact on one’s reputation being seen with an allegedly dubious character, is irrelevant in this tactical circumstances. 

The Battle to Stop SB 1869 Not Over. Your Active Protest Needed

Round 2 is around the corner. The Round 2 protests will begin on July 24, the day the Senators open Session Two of the 19th Congress of the Philippines.

The veterans of the first round victory versus SB 1869 will be back. CCH hopes that you will also now understand the importance of the tactical alliance to stop SB 1869 and give our country the health, the Truth, the Freedom, the Rights and the Democracy we all deserve.

Defeat is not an option. But propagating divisive narratives at this juncture is not only counterproductive. It will be a sure ticket for all of us to be imprisoned in the digital gulag that awaits us with the enactment of SB 1869 into law and aggressively implemented by the ruthless and authoritarian so-called political leaders. These psychopaths are salivating after the massive powers that SB 1869 will give them in the very near future. 


For those who cannot be there, continue with your battle against SB 1869 using all means possible. And, most important of all, let us all implore the help of God that we all succeed in stopping this global power grab that will either kill us or enslave us FOREVER!


  1. Very well said. Sana naging Presidente po namin kayo Sir Nic Perlas. Mas masarap sigurong manirahan sa Pilipinas. Pero kahit private individual kayo, higit pa sa pagka-Presidente ng Pilipinas ang ginagawa ninyo. Maraming salamat CCH, NPI, CDC PH, JD, CBC PH, and all freedom fighters. God bless you more.

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