May 26, 2024

By Nicanor Perlas

09 November 2021

Yesterday, Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) released the Manifesto and Principles of Unity (Manifesto) of the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT)[1] . Many hearts and minds crafted the Manifesto. We are delighted by the enormous and very positive response of networks, groups, and individuals who want to join the movement and put an end to extreme and destructive Covid measures.

Still, the Manifesto remains a living document, open to continued constructive change and/or further elaboration and explanation for greater clarity. This current clarification of what constitutes the top issue today is one in this spirit.

We have received messages asking for clarification between the position of CCH and that of Gising Maharlika (GM). CCH can answer this question very quickly. But it is more important and educational to give a broader perspective in answering this question.

Purpose of Principles of Unity

The key question is this. How can one create an environment where thousands of leaders, from many different backgrounds, with many important issues, come harmoniously together, to ensure the success of their advocacy?

The answer boils down to two things. First, identify the issue that can unify the vast majority of Filipinos. Second, create a set of principles emanating from that one issue, principles that all can unify around. The result of this is a set of principles that all parties agree should guide and determine rightful and just action.

This is the reason why the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT) has its Principles of Unity. In effect, the Principles of Unity is a social contract, much like our Constitution is a social contract that binds all who want to be part of the community advancing a specific set of Principles.

On Subsuming All Other Agenda Under the Banner of Stopping Covid Dictatorship

One part of the Principle of Unity reads: “Subsume all our various agenda [of different groups] under this unified focus on stopping the vaccine holocaust.”

The good news is that we have a huge point of unity before us. We are coming together to stop the Covid genocide, a rallying point that potentially 70% of unvaccinated Filipinos will support.

We have one of the world’s highest vaccine hesitancy because most Filipinos know that the DOH is lying to them. We can see these in the regular massive pushback against the DOH every time the agency makes a post on social media that the vaccines are safe and effective.  What is even more amazing is that this vaccine hesitancy is happening at a time of massive media censorship and disinformation about vaccines.

Mass murder through vaccines is being imposed on the Filipino people by leaders who are mere puppets, whether they know it or not, of a global oligarchy that has decided to implement a synchronized takeover of the entire planet. They managed to lock down the entire world in a matter of weeks. (See Manifesto cited above.)

Whether from government, business, or civil society, Philippine leaders are guilty of treason for not stopping this mass murder. We have already asked many of them, national and local, to “Cease and Desist’ from their harmful Covid policies[2]

Instead, they have intensified and accelerated their timetable for the holocaust by planning to inject millions of Filipinos more with bioweapons (aka vaccines). They are also coming after our teenagers big time. This is the force we are up against.

But this force is nothing if we truly understand and believe that, with God, nothing is impossible especially if we all do our homework. Part of the homework is that we lay aside all personal interests and agendas to clearly see what is ailing this entire nation and how, by responding to this burning call for help, we can stop the ongoing holocaust of our beloved nation.

If we choose to focus on this overriding goal that the vast majority of Filipinos support, then we are assured of victory. A focus, at this critical juncture, on other goals, no matter how important, will divide our energies and confuse the Filipino public. We will be sending a mixed message. Our call for national resistance will be rejected if the public sees any hint that another agenda is being pushed alongside the anti-Covid tyranny agenda.

First, we must stop the mass massacre. Then we can deal with all the other issues that plague this country, including the form of government.

Why a Debate, at this time, on Federalism is Untimely, Premature and Divisive

In this context, I would like to share my thoughts on federalism. I am doing this because there are groups that have a Covid resistance agenda and, at the same time, are vigorously advancing federalism. Even if federalism, for the sake of argument, is ultimately the correct form of government, the timing of that discussion is unfortunate.

Federalism is one example of a very important agenda that will blunt our united agenda against Covid tyranny if pursued at this time. It will confuse Filipinos and prevent them from stopping the mass murder taking place right now!

The main reason for this is that the federalism agenda tends to divide, instead of further uniting the people.  It tends to divide on the basis of the substance of its ideas. In addition, it tends to divide on the basis of questionable politicians who want to pursue federalism. The messenger of the idea then becomes the actual problematic message.

This is one main reason why Duterte, despite his vocal promises on this issue, did not succeed in establishing federalism during his tenure in government. He wanted to rush this idea without a reasoned rebuttal against those who were opposing it from a significant sector of Philippine society. In addition, he was trying to force the issue down the throat of certain sectors of Philippine society.

I am open to having a debate on federalism as an alternative form of government for the Philippines. It has its benefits but it also has disadvantages. These issues have to be fleshed out in a transparent and participatory process rather than merely assuming that this is the will of the people at this time when clearly it is not.

One of the biggest downsides here is that, without checks and balances, the local political leaders will most surely become little dictators and fascists in their own local areas. We are inundated with complaints from people all over the country saying their mayors and barangay captains have instituted covid mandates that are worst and more totalitarian than the national policies. So the people who have suffered under fascist mayors and governors will not join us and will vocally oppose us even if they themselves do not like Covid tyranny.

Even if I support ultimately a national debate on federalism, this cannot be the message that we want to bring to the public at this time. It will be totally counterproductive and will only result in a loss of focus and a scattering of our energies. The public will immediately say that the covid issue is just being used to advance a political agenda that is divisive among Filipinos at this moment.

If we stick to the Covid tyranny issue, then the more than 70% of Filipinos who are still unvaccinated despite all the harassment and coercion, will support our advocacy. People will fight for this cause. Even the vaccinated will fight for it because many of them have reached out to us to say that they were forced to take the bioweapons (aka vaccines).

To engage in a debate on federalism amidst a life and death struggle for millions is to ultimately do injustice to the cries of the poor, the victimized, the vaccine-injured, and the people killed by the bioweapons (aka vaccines).

Opportunistic Involvement of Traditional Politicians

I have a similar point to make with aligning ourselves with known politicians who have shown no spiritual or moral leadership on the covid issue, much less on many other issues. Worst, these politicians may also have dubious track records as public servants. We cannot look for easy and convenient numbers when, in the process, we are sacrificing our own principles and will just be basically hanging ourselves in the process.

Traditional politicians are generally very selfish and do not calculate on the basis of high ideals for humanity nor for the greater good of all. It is a plague that we should not allow in our ranks as this political disease has been with us ever since Aguinaldo assassinated Bonifacio. The ends do not justify the means especially a means which divides.

The Filipino public understands this. There are sick and tired of seeing a dysfunctional Philippines display itself every time election comes. They will welcome a relatively direct and untainted battle to stop Covid tyranny in our country.

Difference between Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) and Gising Maharlika (GM)

Now I can give a shorter and more direct answer to the questions that came. These were questions regarding the current relationship between the CCH and GM networks. Now I can give a shorter answer.

CCH sticks to the Principles of Unity of the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny. For CCH, the systemic, comprehensive, worldwide Covid issue is the one and only issue that CCH is focusing on at this time. The Covid issue affects all Filipinos, killing and harming tens of thousands of them while destroying our beloved country.

GM, on the other hand, wants to combine the Covid and Federalism issues together and is open to bringing networks, movements, and traditional politicians who had very little to do with the Covid issue and a lot to do with their political agenda of federalism.

Clearly, under these conditions, CCH can no longer work together with GM and related groups, including Kilusan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP).

CCH can only work together with networks, groups, and individuals who will abide by the Manifesto and Principles of Unity of the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny. If others cannot, so be it.

To all our dear friends and supporters, kindly discern the difference.

Final Thoughts.

It is clear that we have to win this struggle. To win we cannot be divided. And to be unified, we have to organize around the number one issue (COVID) that got us all together in the first place and what the Filipino public has been expecting from us.

Millions are already following us on Facebook. They are following us because they can see and know that we are articulating a position that potentially has the power to free them from Covid tyranny, a kind of dictatorship once in place, will only get more and more worse into the dark days of the future that will be our fate.

In fact, a clearer articulation by CCH of its position has resulted in so many surprising and exciting support and developments. A strong legal team has formed. A large network of leaders has also expressed their support for the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT). CCH is part of PRACT, which is a much larger network than CCH.

We need to succeed. We all need to rise up to our highest possibilities as humans. Nothing less is expected from us if we are to save our people and our collective future from long-term slavery and, ultimately destruction and death. And succeed we will with the help of God for whom our entire lives and efforts are dedicated. So be it!

7 thoughts on “Why Stopping Covid Tyranny is the Unifying Issue for Filipinos Today

  1. I really appreciate the effort you have made to save the lives of many Filipinos. In fact, I refuse to subject myself to vaccination despite the threat that is now circulating in our university that our university president is trying to push. During the vaccination awareness program held last November 5, 2021 she emphasized that part time teachers and job order employees will no longer be rehired if not fully vaccinated. Thus, many subjected themselves to vax even if it’s against their will. Moreover, she urged the teachers and students to vaccinate so that our university can gain approval from CHED for a limited face to face hopefully next year. However, despite this menace still many of us (faculty and staff) are still brave enough to fight for our basic rights. Good thing that this movement has come to existence and this would really help us to be braver to stand for what we think is right. In our province our governor has issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER making our barangay in chaos because the senior citizens were unable to claim for their AYUDA because NO BAKUNA, NO AYUDA and NO BAKUNA NO RELEASE OF HEALTH CERTIFICATES and the like in every barangay was instituted making it mandatory; thus, the vaccination areas were flocked with SC, 4Ps, and habal-habal drivers. Thank you. More power and god bless!

    1. Thank you for this update Ms. Josefina! And we want to express our gratitude too, for your courage and for standing your ground. We are being herded like cattle, and they are using rewards and punishment to condition us to submit to their whims. As more people awaken to the COVID scam, and more like you who understand what it is we must fight for, we are hoping that our leaders would awaken too. We hope that people will refuse to be a part of this push to discriminate and alienate those who choose not to take the COVID vaccine.

      On another note, we just want to ask: do you perhaps have a copy of this executive order? This is in direct violation of RA 11525 and is actionable in court if people are willing to act. Have you seen the video about this by Atty. Soguilon?

  2. Hello, my sister who is teaching in public school in Bohol, Philippines doesn’t want to get vaccinated and her co teachers, too. They are worried now since Malacañang announced that all eligible employees tasked to do on-site work shall be required by all establishments and employers in the public and private sector. However, eligible employees who remain to be unvaccinated may not be terminated but they shall be required to undergo regular RT-PCR testing, or antigen tests, at their own expense. They are asking for help now on what to do. I’ve seen this site maybe you can suggest or advice on this matter. Thank you.

    1. Hello, thank you for referring them to this site Ms. Julita! Indeed, there are documents on this website they can use to help stop this coercion. Please have them visit:

      Also, tomorrow, we will publish a video discussing this exact “directive” from IATF. This goes against the Constitution and is illegal. Please feel free to signup to our newsletter so you can be updated when we release the video.

    2. Also, CCH is forming a legal helpdesk that can better assist you regarding your concern. Please signup to the newsletter to be informed as soon as this happens.

  3. I believe there is a doctors group in the Philippines Doctors Against Covid or something like that. What is their web site. Since I refuse to get vaccinated what do I do if I need to go to a hospital for any reason. My wife says they will not see me or provide any treatment if not vaccinated.

    1. There is a doctors group, their website is

      We haven’t heard yet of any hospital impose a no vax no entry policy. If this happens, you can report the hospital and the doctor to the local police because it is illegal to withhold treatment for any patient.

      Emergency rooms are open for all, regardless of vaccination status. There may be an RT-PCR requirement for patients who would need to be admitted.

      Seek the support of your local public attorney’s office so they can explain to you your rights. Lawyers at the PAO are already briefed regarding this:

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