Finally after very close collaborative work with Atty. Tanya Lat, Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) and Atty. Lat are releasing this Affidavit to the general public. We have already been informed the past days that over 2,500 Filipinos have been waiting for this Affidavit template. Properly filled-up affidavits are the last important part of our legal strategy to stop forced mass vaccinations, especially of the young who are basically immune from COVID-19. When we have these in sufficient numbers, our chances for a TRO are huge. The scientific evidence against forced vaccinations we now have is already overwhelming. Now with the forthcoming Affidavits, we will surely march our way to legal victory, assuming that our courts still have their ethics and integrity intact.  

As Atty. Lat and the CCH discussed the Affidavits, Atty. Lat came out with an amazing inspirational idea. It dawned on her that these Affidavits not only attest to undergoing a legal journey. It can also be a HEALING JOURNEY for one who does it. For example, CCH pointed out that brainwashed and/or corrupt doctors almost uniformly deny that the vaccines have adverse effects. And so when their own very patients tell them that they have been injured by the vaccines (aka bioweapons), the doctors will almost always come back with the reply that their patient is not suffering from an adverse effect. They are suffering from some kind of psychological anxiety! In effect, they are not allowing their patients to tell their truth, their stories.

This Affidavit will now finally allow the vaccine injured to tell the story to the world. And there is nothing that fake “fact checkers” and censors like Facebook can do anything about it!!! Nothing!

The global public may also benefit as these affidavits point out what kind of solid first-hand evidence need to be included legally in the Affidavits. But, as with all things, our foreign colleagues and supporters will need to verify with their own lawyers to ensure that their Affidavits meet the legal requirement of their land.

As the beginning instruction in the Affidavit Template states: “This affidavit pertains to incidents of serious vaccine impact and/or death of family/close friends. All information to be indicated here should be first-hand information that was either personally experienced or personally verified by the affiant. Hearsay or unverified information (e.g., rumor, gossip) cannot be included.” Please be guided accordingly. 

At the bottom, you will find three documents. There is one Affidavit Template in pdf format to guide you in constructing your affidavits. We urge all to type out their Affidavits as it may be difficult for a judge or a lawyer to read the substance of your legal story. For those who cannot type, please find a relative or friend to help you out with the Affidavit. The second template is in Word document format. This is for those who to directly construct their Affidavit using this format.  The third document is not an Affidavit Template. It is an example of how a finished Affidavit would look like legally. 

Finally, please send us a copy of your complete affidavit, whether notarized or not, better if notarized,  to We at CCH are collating all the Affidavits as we have to prepare and organize them for our legal team. The Legal Team will then begin the necessary legal work to file a TRO petition at the appropriate judicial venue, including the Supreme Court. 

Please act on the Affidavit as soon as you can. The sooner you do, the sooner we will stop, dead in its tracks, the fraudulent attempt to murder Filipinos especially our children and teenagers at the hands of the Covid totalitarian mafia. We all need to fight for our life, our health, and our freedoms. WE CAN DO THIS THROUGH THE TRUTH CONTAINED IN A PROPERLY ACCOMPLISHED AFFIDAVIT. SO HELP US, GOD!

Affidavit in English

Affidavit in Filipino

Sample – Filled Up Affidavit

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