April 15, 2024

For Those Who Would Want to Send Cease and Desist Letter to Their Governors and Mayors, Letter Attached Below


Dear All,

We are happy to share that the CCH Cease and Desist letter and Notice of Liability to the Duterte Government have unleashed a wave of hope throughout our country. The news about this initiative has gone viral nationally and globally. People are sharing it on many different networks. Individuals and groups are volunteering to help spread the notices to ALL governors and mayors in the Philippines.

This spontaneous spirit of volunteerism leaves us here at CCH in awe and gratitude. Together with others, we are determined to make the distribution to all LGUs happen because the media has totally censored this very important development. They all want us to remain under lockdown for no scientific reason at all. They love the control. They want us to sacrifice our lives by taking the bioweapons (aka vaccines), whether to assuage their own fear or to consciously advance the New World Order agenda of depopulation. This is why this document has to be sent to all LGUs. 

Enclosed kindly find a form letter that you can send to your mayors and governors. We designed it to make your work easier. Or you can use your own letter to do it. So much the better. No matter which method you use, please make sure to A) enclose a copy of the Cease and Desist document. It is now your proof of why you are making your mayor/governor stop unscientific and destructive covid policies. B) Make sure you have the LGU office sign receipt of the letter. This will constitute your proof of delivery in case you want to sue your mayor or governor later on. And C) please send to CCH a scanned copy of the proof of receipt by the LGU. Keep the original with you. In this way, we can make sure that ALL governors and mayors received a copy of this Cease and Desist document. 

Dear Friends, we will continue this struggle to save lives and our country to the end. But we cannot do this alone. If you are totally convinced of what is contained in the Cease and Desist document, kindly help us to spread it to all LGUs concerned. Also please share the news about this development in all your social media account. Every little bit of effort helps. The corrupted media has made a decision to lock us down in fear and destroy our lives and livelihood. Our own sense of Truth will get us out of the prison we all have been unjustly placed into for 18 months. The time for FREEDOM and FREE DEEDS is now!

Please remember this is not about health but about control. We need to stop this now!

Meanwhile, other amazing things have emerged as a result of the above action. I am excited to share all these inspiring development with you all in the near future. Some are truly incredible. As you will see, a totally new and more highly evolved humanity will arise from those who resist and fight for the Truth. This new humanity will rise out of the ashes of the covid scamdemic that tried to destroy us all. We are Spirit. And, God willing, we will prevail in the end!    

Nicanor Perlas
Covid Call To Humanity 

You can download the document attached below

17 thoughts on “For Those Who Would Want to Send Cease and Desist Letter to Their Governors and Mayors, Letter Attached Below

  1. Willing here for mayor and gov of tibiao antique
    Also for mayor and gov of tuguegarao city cagayan valley

    1. Hi Jingle, could you please go to our facebook page and tell the admin there that you want to help distribute the cease and desist doc? Our FB admin is coordinating efforts related to this. Thank you so much!

  2. It is quite a pity that people do not do research now that data is already available. Used to be afraid when it was just a breakout in Wuhan but now that statistics shows that Covid 19 can be dealt with by the natural immune system, fear is still all over the place. Those who are already got vaccinated will have to defend their position and belief ignoring the truth about this pandemic scam. Thank you for your relentless effort to save humanity! God bless us all.

  3. as a preventive care public health doctor trained in Loma Linda University, southwestern USA, i’m an alien in pilipinas;

    would i still be able to send this, or would i have to be a legal resident/citizen?
    asking since don’t wanna cause you any added trouble..

    1. Hi, was your concern addressed? You can still send this even if you are a foreigner living in the Philippines. Do you have facebook? You can email our FB page so that the admin there can coordinate this with you. Thank you so much for the initiative!

  4. ask ko lang po about dun sa attachments, need pa po ba yun i pa print? where po nakukuha? baka kasi hanapin ng mayor dito sa Naga City Cam. Sur.

    1. Hello Michael, nasagot na ba yung tanong mo about this? If not, can I ask you please to go to our FB page and coordinate with our admin there? Thanks!

  5. Hi! I utterly would like to send this letter to our governor, mayors and whoever else but i just don’t know how. Is there anyone who could help me here?
    I don’t know the website.

  6. Soon I will print the documents and then distribute to local government officials in two provinces along with my campaigns against the narratives,

  7. Good day po!

    Im interested in distributing this po in our area.
    Where can I get the 85 pages document po?

    Thank you!

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