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CCH Report on SB 1869 Protests, May 30, 2029

Rapidly increasing numbers of Freedom Warriors and new protestors succeeded in delaying the passage of SB 1869.The number of protestors peaked to over 300 Freedom Fighters and Warriors. See Video here.

Like yesterday, they came from all walks of life. Economically-challenged urban Filipinos made up the bulk of the protestors. A large delegation from Lucena City also came and encamped in the Senate grounds. 

They all gathered together because they suffered tremendous loss and pain during three years of Covid lockdowns. They vowed to themselves that they would oppose another such round of unscientific, irrational, ineffective and fraudulent Covid policies. Such threat is contained in SB 1869.

Meanwhile, digital Freedom Fighters inundated the Senate with their messages of opposition. One can clearly see this in the feedback section of the official YouTube and FB channels of the Senate of the Philippines! More than 80% of comments were not about the Maharlikha bill but were about rejecting SB 1869. No viewer was supporting SB 1869. 

The digital opposition is also important especially when factored in as part of the on-going three-month long physical protests at the Senate. Unless the Senate is suicidal, it will stay away from controversial bills until the time has come for them to bite the bullet, that is, face the debate around SB 1869,

The time-consuming focus and debate of the Senate on the passage of the Maharlikha bill aided in this continuing victory of all those who are fighting for the health, truth, freedom and democracy in this country. That internal Senate debate resulted in zero time for the consideration of other priority bills including SB 1869.

Nicanor Perlas, founder of Covid Call to Humanity, observed publicly that God’s ways are simply amazing. Divine Providence has created a situation of  prolonged internal debate among the Senators, thereby delaying the deliberations on SB 1869.. That Senate debate worked in favor of those opposing SB 1869.

The successful Third Reading passage of the Maharlikha fund bill at 230am, May 31, 2023, ate up a total of almost 20 hours of Senate deliberations. That constituted most of Monday and all of Tuesday.  It left no time for the consideration of other priority bills including the SB 1869. God is awesome!

The Freedom Warriors observed that the military, with telescopic lenses situated on top of the Senate building, closely monitored to protests. Military soldiers also reinforced the police and Senate security forces on the ground. It is clear from the expression on their faces and their body language that they were concerned with the large number of protestors. 

However, we are quick to add that the police and security forces at the Senate have been very professional and fair in their dealings with the Freedom Warriors who are totally non-violent. This has led to a mood of respect on both sides and the releasing of more energy for the protest, instead of being diverted to dealing with police harassments. The latter was the case in the second week of Senate deliberations in May. 

We know from friends in the inside that the personnel of the Senate security took a lot of pictures of the protest and made reports to the head security of the Senate. The latter, in turn, gives a daily briefing to the Senate President on developments regarding the protest. One can safely assume that such daily intelligence affects the setting of the agenda of the Senate. 

Given the very limited time left, the only way for SB 1869  to pass tomorrow is if the Senate rushes through the Second and Third Reading, ignoring over a dozen other priority bills of the Senate. The rush would also mean leaving no time for serious interpolations among other Senators who may have concerns regarding SB 1869,

If the Senate passes the bill under these circumstances, it is clear that the Senate is hell-bent on passing SB 1869. If so, it would be easier to charge Senators who approved the bill of violations against the Philippine Constitution. They will also be guilty of treason. 

In the alternative, the Senate can always postpone its own scheduled adjourment and continue its deliberations on the priority bills throughout the week. That would include SB 1869. Because of the deeply controversial nature of SB 1869, it will most likely eat up a lot of the time of the Senate on interpellation. 

Given the overall dynamics of the situation, it is unlikely that SB 1969 will be passed tomorrow and within the week. However, the bill can always be taken up again once the Senators re-convene and continue their plenary sessions. 

Thus, dear Friends, this will be a continuing battle. We may win this round. But the war is not yet over. As has been said, the price of democracy and freedom is eternal vigilance


CCH will upload the video of yesterday’s protests soon. The technical aspects of editing and uploading eat up a lot of computer time. Watch for our announcement when we have finally uploaded the video. 


  1. yes, great, not only hundreds but likely thousands to millions of Filipinos are vehemently against SB 1869. Let us keep going against, this wicked bill and never to be put it into law, never! God bless and empower the CCH leadership of Nicanor Perlas and all the warriors and supporters!

  2. Nakakaiyak po sa tuwa ang resulta ng mga sakripisyo, tapang, tyaga at dasal ng mga Freedom Fighters diyan lalo na sa Senate grounds at ganuon din sa ibang lugar at digital platform na may peaceful protest laban sa SB 1869. Maraming, maraming salamat po dahil kayo po ay tunay na nagmamahal sa bayan at sa buong katauhan! Tama po kayo na kailangan tayong patuloy na mapagbantay / vigilant at kumikilos para malabanan ang sinuman o anuman na nagtatangkang sirain ang ating buhay, ang ating kalayaan, ang ating kapayapaan. God bless All!

    1. Mahaba pa ang laban, pero sa ngayon, may pagkakataon tayong magpahinga upang muling magkaroon ng lakas para sa susunod na laban.

  3. 31st May 2023
    Honorable Senator Juan Miguel “Migz” F. Zubiri
    Senate of the Philippines

    Re: Proposed Senate Bill 1869

    Dear Senator ZUBIRI,
    This is to appeal to the good senator’s sound judgment, moral duty, and prudence to repudiate the proposed Senate Bill 1869 as well as to initiate a move for the immediate discarding or junking of the same. You have been put in your position in these perilous times to pick which side history and eternity you will be. Are you for good or evil, for freedom or tyranny, for God or for Satan? If you made a thorough due diligence of this demonic bill, you would absolutely concur that this bill is no longer a health issue but a means to control, to subjugate, to oppress, to surveil, and to murder the Filipino people which your good office represents.
    The SB 1869 will legally bind the Philippines to the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments by the World Hell Organization (WHO). This should be a RED ALERT not only for Filipinos but for all of humanity – the WHO seeks to remove respect for your dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms. If adopted, they would strike out the following text from the first principle in Article 3 of the International Health Regulations:
    Article 3 Principles
    1. The implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the State Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.
    The LOSS OF DIGNITY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS is not the only reason to reject SB 1869 but it should be enough to totally junk it and to immediately exit the Philippines from the terrorist organizations – the WHO and the UN.
    If Senate Bill 1869 is approved and adopted, the IHR’s amendments by the WHO will be imposed on each member countries who will be powerless. The countries will have to accept the DICTATORIAL POWER GIVEN TO THE DIRECTOR GENERAL under Article 12. In essence, if there is a new pandemic that no one knows about, the WHO Director General is the only voice of authority that will be followed. Your office good senator will no longer be needed because you have already surrendered your right to enact laws, you have gutted the Philippine constitution, and the you subjected the Filipino people to oppression and tyranny.
    The amendment particularly to Article 1 will change the status of the WHO from an advisory body to a governing body. If these amendments are approved, the countries of the world will effectively give up their sovereignty to the WHO, WEF, UN, et.al. The amendment to Article 18 will also give the WHO authority to require medical examinations, proof of vaccination, enforce contact tracing (surveillance), quarantines, and treatment. There will be no options for our own home remedies. We will be forced to take the official use for treatment. In addition, they will institutionalize a digital vaccine passport. The WHO will be empowered to censor dissent and will have authority over all our personal and health information. We can say goodbye to freedom of speech and the right to privacy. When we put all these together, this will be a nightmare for individual liberty and freedom.
    So, who is the unelected global bureaucrat who will obtain this tremendous power? That would be a former member of Ethiopia’s Marxist-Leninist Party called Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He is not even a medical doctor but a Doctor of Philosophy. He became the head of the ministry of health in Ethiopia for political reasons.

    Dear Senator, how can you entrust the health and safety of the Filipino people to these eugenicist Marxist communists? The protocols that they have imposed and was carried out worldwide were the cause of deaths and not from Covid19. The patients were deprived of the proper treatment like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which were banned by the WHO, the US CDC and FDA. If these drugs were recognized as a legitimate treatment of Covid19, they would not be able to legally issue the emergency approval of the experimental bioweapon killer vaccines. These poor souls were instead given the deadly Remdesivir, Morphine, and other deadly concoctions. Then, they were put in ventilators that caused the patients lungs to fail because of too much pressure. They simply died from the health protocols and hospitals were heftily rewarded. What they did was incentivized murders. This should be immediately investigated by the Senate. The murdered bodies were incinerated so that re will be no autopsy to reveal that they were intentionally murdered by the hospitals. Not a single person died on the streets but all the deaths were in hospitals. To give you the whole picture of their evil agenda, I admonish you to watch the documentary series on Rumble.com. Simply type in “The sequel to the fall of the cabal” parts 1 to about 26 series already published at this time.

    If you vote to approve this bill, you will literally put the Philippines under the control of these terrorist organizations – the WHO, the WEF, and the UN.
    The World Health Organization guidelines says that children under the age of four should be given information about “early childhood masturbation” and encouraged to explore so-called gender identities. The controversial guidance is part of its ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’ policy framework. The WHO materials state that under-fours should be informed of the right to explore nakedness and the body and ask questions about sexuality. This is the global terrorist organization that we will entrust our health, well-being, and sovereignty. If you help pass this demonic SB 1869, you will enable these globalists pedophiles to sexualize and abuse our children. You will help make the children of the future become sex maniacs. The blood and accountability will be on your hands.

    The WEF and the UN orders governments to decriminalize sex with children.


    Hundreds of millions of people have already died from the vaccine imposed and mandated by the WHO and the US CDC. Excess deaths is a worldwide phenomenon. Use alternative search engines like duckduckgo.com and video streaming like Rumble to research about the millions of deaths and adverse events due to the blood clotting DNA altering myocarditis inducing nano technology bioweapon shots.



    The WEF orders school to force children to watch porn.

    The day of the Lord is coming and God will pour out his undiluted wrath on evil men. The Bible listed the sins of these demon-worshipping globalists and sadly, despite the judgments during the seven-year tribulation, they will not repent of their sins. Revelation 9:20-21 “But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons (DEMON WORSHIPPERS), and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk (IDOLATRY). And they did not repent of their murders (DEPOPULATION, GENOCIDE and ABORTION), or their sorceries (from the word ‘pharmakeia’ where we get the word pharmacy aka VACCINE) or their sexual immorality (PEDOPHILIA) or their thefts (ROBBING and OPPRESSING the poor).

    May this persuade you good senator and may this serve to enlighten you about the perils of approving this demonic SB1869. May you have the wisdom, knowledge, honor, patriotism, fear of God, and fortitude to stand up against this unimaginable evil that we are dealing with in these perilous times. I pray that God will work in your heart to decide against this proposed bill.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Concerned Filipino Citizen

  4. God is awesome. CCH and all freedom fighters are God’s army! Please note that we may not be there physically, but we’re doing our part in spreading your news and articles within our spheres of influence. Thank you again beloved freedom fighters. Generations will thank you for your sacrifices.

  5. God will make sure this bill is not passed because it is the plan of demonic globalists in which those senators who sponsored this bill lined their pockets. Another ploy to fool people in the guise of health concerns when in fact it is a reinforcement of the tyrannical covid programs imposed on the economy and control of people to further comply despite the pandemic being over and was just a scam concocted by crook Fauci and the CCP.

    1. Round 1 is done, and we have won! But we can be sure that this evil bill will be revived in the next session. We must continue to be vigilant!

  6. Thanks for the update. I am far away from NCR so the only thing I can do to help is to share your videos on social media. Hope more people will join the struggle. This is a fight for all Filipinos. Fight for freedom, fight for democracy, fight for humanity, fight against evil, fight for life. God bless…

    1. This is already a big help Rolly! There are also some movements going on in the local levels where citizens are reaching out to their own LGUs to help educate their leaders about the impact of SB 1869.

  7. Nakaabang ang sambayanang Pilipino. We will guard our freedom. Maraming salamat sa mga kababayan nating lumalaban vs SB1869. Salamat Mr Nick Perlas at mga kababayan nating nag-protesta at nagvigil, at sa lahat ng sumuporta sa iba’t ibang paraan.

    Laban natin ito!

    Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!

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