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CCH Report on SB 1869, May 31, 2023

The dozens of Freedom Warriors who braved the thunderstorms  and rain showers today won a massive victory. The Senate failed to enact SB 1869 into law before the end of the First Session, 19th Congress. See full video documentary here.

The eruption of joys and tears of happiness’s clearly dominated the protest area as Senate President, Migz Zubiri, declared the close of the First Session of the 19th Congress. With its adjournment, the Senate failed to pass a number of priority bills including SB 1869. 

With God, Nothing is Impossible

Freedom Warriors know that ultimately God makes the final determination of the fate of SB 1869.  Since the beginning, they knew that SB 1869 is a battle between good and evil. Therefore with such massive odds against them, they knew that they will not prevail if God is not on their side. 

Due to the continuous appeal for God’s help by Filipinos from all over the country and abroad, God’s presence has been visible in many ways during the entire struggle. One such sign was the Senate’s lost attention on SB 1869. The Senate focused most of its time in debating the Maharlika Fund. The latter is also a problematic bill and CCH is sad that the Senate approved it. But the Maharlika bill is not as deadly, hazardous and traitorous as SB 1869. 

And today, it was a sign of things to come when the Senate transformer exploded three times with huge sounds and massive sparks. It was a perfect picture of the short-circuiting of the Senate’s intention to rush into approval SB 1869.

Victory for Round 1 of Protests Against SB 1869

Freedom Warriors have been protesting both the House and Senate versions of the proposed Philippine Center for Disease Control since December 2022. They spent more than three months in daily protests at the Senate, setting up a temporary protest camp outside the Senate. They also had daily powerful protests during the entire month of May during the plenary sessions of the Senate from Monday to Wednesdays. 

They were also up against very powerful pro-SB 1869 forces as 12 Senators sponsored the bill including almost all the top leadership of the Senate. So it is understandable that Freedom Warriors were super happy and energized when they directly heard the announcement of adjournment from Sen. Migz Zubiri. 

In addition, the Freedom Warriors went into spontaneous expressions of “Thanks!” to the Senate for not enacting SB1869. The protestors then thanked the Senate security and the police for not interfering with the rallies of Filipinos concerned with SB 1869. 

CCH Predicted Failure of SB 1869 Passage

CCH had earlier reasoned that it would be difficult for the Senate to pass the bill before the end of the First Session of the 19th Congress. See here

CCH also predicted that, most likely, SB 1869 would not be enacted into law. See the basis of the assessment here.

We have Defeated SB 1869 but it Will Be Back in Senate Agenda

However, the Freedom Warriors are well aware that their victory today is just the first round of a string of battles against SB 1869 that will continue in the near future. The Second Session of the 19th Congress will reconvene on July 24, 2023. When they are back in session, SB 1869 will be back in the agenda of the Senate. 

The “Rules of the Senate” clearly reveal the most likely fate of SB 1869. It will be re-activated from its dormant condition. Here is what Rule 44, Sec. 123  of the Senate Rules say with regard to “Unfinished Business”. 

“SEC. 123. Unfinished business at the end of the session shall be taken up at the next session in the same status. (Emphasis added.) See here.

Preparations for Round 2 of SB Protests Now in Preparation

The Freedom Warriors have started making the necessary preparations for another round of encounter with SB 1869. This bill is a priority bill of the Marcos administration. It will most likely be taken up again in the Second Session on July 24, 2023.

Some Senators Now Concerned About SB 1869

But this time, Freedom Warriors will be even more prepared and inspired to finally junk SB1869. Also, we now know that a number of Senators are supportive of our effort. They greeted us with friendly smiles, gestures, and honking horns. 

With them on our side, we  look forward to their interpolation of SB 1869. If that happens, then this will be the beginning of the end of SB 1869. That bill is so full of defects and treacherous provisions that no intelligent and ethical Senator would like to have their names associated with such a junk bill. 


Stay tuned for Round 2 of the fight to save our lives, our freedoms and our democracy. We do not have “Retreat” and “Surrender” in our vocabulary. We only know that, as we already said, the price of democracy is eternal vigilance. So it will be with God’s help!


  1. When I talked to Lynn Agno last Monday May 29 to update her about the status of SB 1869, I told her “Sana kidlatan ng Diyos ang Senado.” Wish granted! God is in control! His power made it happen, to stop that evil bill from being approved FOR NOW.

  2. Congratulations to all freedom figther kaisa niyo kami dito sa Cagayan Valley we pray for our Victory…Praise be to God…

    1. The fight has always been for the Philippines, for our freedom, for our humanity. To God be the glory and honor of this success!

  3. GOD bless you po Freedom Warriors, we your brethren will keep fighting with you on our bended knees ,asking for our GOD’s help. With GOD Nothing is impossible, Victory is HIS for HIS Glory alone.

    1. The fight has always been for the Philippines, for our freedom, for our humanity. To God be the glory and honor of this success!

    1. Thank you Art! The fight has always been for the Philippines, for our freedom, for our humanity. To God be the glory and honor of this success!

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