April 12, 2024

CCH Report on Protests Against SB 1869 

May 22 to 24, 2023

Freedom Warriors successfully delayed the “immediate enactment” of SB1869 as requested by Malacañang since May 8, 2023. This is now the third straight week of victory by Freedom Warriors. Heat, rain, and thunderstorms did not stop the continuing protests by Freedom Warriors. 

The Rites of Passage or Lakaran of Freedom Warriors

The highlight of the week was the successful unplanned but de facto rite of passage of Freedom Warriors on May 24, 2023. A rite of passage means passing certain trials, which successfully undertaken, would mean the strengthening  of inner courage and determination.  

On that day, a thunderstorm storm poured massive amounts of rain on the Freedom Warriors. Everyone stood their ground despite getting wet.  No one left the protest.  Instead they further intensified their calls for junking SB 1869. You can see this display of unrelenting and continuous opposition to SB 1869 in this composite video here.

As some of you may know, Bonifacio required his committed Katipuneros to undertake certain rites of passage, which he called “paglilinis ng loob”. The trials were meant to purify one’s inner condition of lingering egotism and strengthen the resolve to continue with the struggle. 

Read Rey Ileto’s book, “Pasyon and Revolution” for verification and details. He also places “pablilinis ng loog” under the broader context of a Lakarana journey to freedom on the basis of a spiritual rite of passage following the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. 

Science-Deficit DOH Threatens Lockdowns? Are They Above the Law Now?

The Freedom Warriors continued to encounter challenging news. For example, they were concerned with the news in “Unang Hirit” that the DOH may be declaring another lockdown due to the putative rise in test positive cases. This news appeared on May 23, 2023. 

CCH explained that the DOH had no basis for making this decision should they decide to continue with it. The DOH can only declare a lockdown if there is a national health emergency. Unfortunately for DOH, President BBM decided not continue to continue with the national health emergency declaration after it expired on December 31, 2022. 

This lack of a national health emergency is the main reason why DOH has been vigorously lobbying for the passage of SB 1869. They are addicted not to our health but to control us. SB 1869 will be the instrument that would help them continue with their ineffective, unscientific, sadistic and murderous policies. 

If DOH declares a lockdown, that \would mean another typical power grab by the dictatorial Maria Rosario Vergiere, OIC of DOH.  Filipinos will also vigorously oppose this move by DOH. 

Besides, being positive from test results using RT-PCR, does not mean that one is infected. We must all remember that the RT-PCR test is not an accurate test for infection.  Depending on the Cycle Threshold of the test, one can have as much as 95% false positives. (See here and here.) In short, to be positive, does not mean that one is infected. 

That is why even the US CDC junked the test starting January 2022. See here.

And, worst for DOH, to be infected does not mean that one is in danger of dying. The average global Infection Fatality Rate for COVID-19 is like a  flu, only around 0.15%. Most people have a survival rate of 99.99%.  (Evidence here.)

Why Senators Face Huge Problems Passing SB1869 into Law

The Senators are in a dilemma.  If the Senate President allows the bill to pass second reading without interpolation from other Senators, they will effectively stir a hornet’s nest and create a massive problem for themselves.  It will be disastrous for the Senate. On the other hand, If the Senate President allows interpolation, then the bill will never pass within the deadline they have set for themselves. Allow me to explain both possibilities. 

The Senate has allowed their whole proceedings to be  “televised” live in the Senate’s YouTube channel. If they allow SB 1869 to go into second reading without interpolation or questions, then every one following the fate of SB1869 will see that the Senate is railroading the entire process. 

There have been months of protests including vigorous debates and dialogue with the police and the Senate security. There also have been personal contacts with Senators.  Furthermore, they have been warned about the problems of SB 1869 since last December. (See here.)

They have been given petitions and briefing papers in the past months. (See here and here.)

We have continually written them to ask for dialogue. See here.

Other groups also sent them petitions and other documents. Yet, they have not taken the step to address our collective concerns. They have basically ignored these concerns. 

If the Senate allows the bill to pass into second reading without questioning, then the currrent groups protesting outside the Senate will escalate their opposition. The Freedom Warrirors will activate a new mode of resistance which will surely not fail to get the attention of the Senate. 

Furtheremore, If they pass the bill into second reading without questioning, the Senators will be moving closer to treason! They will give over the power to oversee the health, and effectively, Philippine affairs and society, over to the criminal WHO. See CCH Briefing Paper No. 1 here.

The hundreds of thousands viewing the protests and these unfolding events will rapidly spread the news of the actions of the Senators which, at second reading, will be bordering on treason. 

On the other hand, if the Senate President allows interpolation of SB 1869 from other Senators, then the Senate will be opening a can of worms. These interpolations will have to be genuine, substantial questions. Otherwise the educated public will view the proceedings as mere show, without any substance. The result will be similar to the repercussions discussed above where the Senate rushes the passage to second reading without interpolation. 

If the interpolations are genuine, then the Senators will definitely display massive ignorance regarding the science of the fraudulent Covid policies and the on-going attempts by the World Health Organization to establish a global health dictatorship. 

The science and evidence for all these statements are too massive and powerful to ignore.  They are now coming from prestigious scientists and scientific journals, not to mention all the official parliamentary hearings taking place around the world on the Covid scamdemic. They are exposing the origins of Covid-19 as a bioweapon designed in a biological warfare facility and planned by the US Department of Defense. (For those wanting proof of these statements, please see the previous CCH Public Seminar Episodes in Rumble here.)

Dear Friends, next week will be decisive. It will be the last three days for the approval by the Senate of SB 1869. The Senate will adjourn starting June 3, 2023 unless, all of a sudden, they change their schedule. So far, their calendar states that they will ajourn from June 3 to July 23. 

Therefore, if you have not had the chance to express your opposition to SB 1869, whether in writing, digitally or physical protest, please do so. Make your voices heard and your presence felt. The future of Truth, our Health, our Freedoms, and our Democracy are at stake. See here the list of Senate contact addresses.  


P.S. Our CCH computer just collapsed. We will be delayed in posting the videos for May 22 and May 23, 2023. 


  1. Praise God for your lives.
    We signed our petition already.
    As teachers, we influence our students about our stand against SB 1869.

    1. thank you for signing the petition edison! Kindly keep sharing the news on this website so that many others will be awakened.

  2. We support the patriots and freedom fighters in their fight against the tyrannical one world government of the globalists elites.
    The SB 1868 will empower the cabal and global unelected entities who are pushing to decriminalize pedophilia.
    The WHO is not for our health but to sexualize our children teaching them to masturbate as young as four years old.
    The WHO and the UN doubled down by forcing children to have sexual partners.
    Most importantly, the death jab or shot in your arm are killing millions of people worldwide as part of the cabal’s agenda to depopulate the planet.

  3. The Biden regime is empowering the global terrorist organizations WEF, WHO and the UN who want medical martial law, lockdowns, depopulation, sexualization of children, and legalization of pedophilia. These elites are sociopath pedophiles like Biden who was caught on camera abusing children and masturbating in public.



  4. God bless you CCH and all freedom fighters! God divinely appointed you to lead The Filipinos and other people of the world against the works of the Devil using these global elites. I have also signed the protest. We’re praying for your continued strength and good health.

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