May 30, 2024

12 Challenges We Must Face After The COVID Scam


In this analysis written by Jeffrey Tucker for The Epoch Times, he says that the new freedom movement created during the COVID scamdemic will need to address new concerns that threaten societies and our very humanity. He says, “We are left with a vast number of remaining issues from the past and new ones we never expected. These all necessitate continued ideological adaptation and citizen mobilization.” He recognizes that many are now tired and demoralized, but “we cannot simply wish away the ugly truths all around us”.

Tucker then goes on to discuss the 12 issues that we must confront in the coming years: tech surveillance and censorship, money and banking, business enterprise, regulatory capture, public health, educational institutions, the deep state, crime and war, immigration, shattered lives, the history that is being revised before our very eyes, and the use of force as a policy tool.

Editor’s Note: Just as we have mentioned in many of our transmissions in the past, COVID is just the tip of the iceberg. All these struggles point to this end: the evolution of humanity, the protection of human dignity and freedom.

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