May 30, 2024

Episode 31: Transhumanism 101. Know It. Your Life Depends on It. Part 1


We are writing these descriptors of our various episodes for two reasons. First, we want to enable our followers and free subscribers on our different platforms to have an overview of the episodes they missed, especially because Facebook removed the live stream record of our episodes. Second, since the episodes are Filipino, we want our global foreign audience to understand what we broadcast. Our foreign guests need only look at the over 100 slides, on average, that accompany our Episodes. Through the slides, and with the help; of our descriptors, they can more or less have a sense of what we are covering in our episodes. We hope to finish these descriptors in a few weeks.

Summary of Episode 31

Episode 30, “The Moral Collapse of Morality,” triggered a request for a deeper treatment of Transhumanism, the core agenda of the New World Order (NWO).

Overview and Introduction to Systems Thinking

We inform viewers that this broadcast will be done in ENGLISH as it is meant for a global audience.

The seminar starts with an overview of the episode. It dealt with the need for all to do independent research towards the Truth in an age drowned with disinformation, propaganda, and fake news. The downfall of Truth has led to a chaotic world.  

The seminar will also deal with key tools to arrive at the truth. These tools will also be useful to viewers. These tools include phenomenology, clustering, and systems thinking. Each is explained in some detail. We emphasize the critical role of clustering in doing phenomenology and systems thinking. 

We further explain how the systems approach helps to unravel the secrets of world events. At the same time, the seminar will proceed in such a way that viewers will learn by seeing how the systems approach is practiced in this transmission. As we all understand systems thinking, we begin to appreciate the role that our inner condition, especially the hidden influence of our mental models of the world, will have on our behavior and our capacity to create a new societal reality.

In systems thinking, we use the “Iceberg” model popularized by Peter Senge in his book, The Fifth Discipline. There are four levels to look at. We labeled this, A, B, C, and D for simplicity. Level A deals with events themselves. Level B deals with the patterns and trends displayed by these events through time. Level C looks at the structure responsible for the dynamics and realities of Levels B and A. Structure here includes institutions and the policies and the rules that they promote in the world, as well as the interrelationships between all of these.

Finally, Level D examines the “Mental Models” that drive the entire system from Levels A to C.

Mental models include “what is,” our worldview of reality, and “what ought to be,” the values resulting from this worldview. It is also possible that certain unspoken value commitments will make certain worldviews attractive to one person or institution, even if this worldview is not scientifically consistent.

We emphasize that the most powerful way to change the system is not to deal with Level A, the events themselves. Rather, we should devote our efforts to shifting Level D, the mental models that govern the system. This will result in the increased effectiveness of our efforts.

In this regard, later in the transmission, we explain Donella Meadows’s version of the iceberg. It has more levels, but it comes to the same conclusion. Level D of Senge, or the mental models or paradigms, is critical to the behavior of the entire system. Meadows, however, adds a very important dimension. She emphasized the deepest level of the system as one where the articulators of the paradigm or mental models are able to change these mental models as the need arises and a deeper understanding of reality is needed.

We emphasize that understanding a system, especially that of the New World Order, is a very important PRELUDE to understanding the strategic significance of TRANSHUMANISM or the effort to transcend the natural organic human.


With this introduction, we remind our viewers to follow us on our alternative channels in Rumble and Telegram. We give the details in this episode. We remind our listeners that Facebook has deleted 8 of our episodes.

Phenomena Level A

Level A deals with events of various kinds unfolding in the world. This is where we emphasize and put into practice the systems tool of “clustering.” We may have dozens of events to deal with. It would be much easier to understand them if we bring together (cluster) events of a similar kind.

 For Episode 31, we have two clusters: the vaccine cluster and the Ukraine War-related cluster of events.

Vaccine Cluster in Level A

We begin with a video clip of Fauci extolling the virtues of natural immunity. This video is a gem as it totally demolishes the lies of Fauci’s version 2022. Out of this, we understand why a cruise ship, with 100% vaccinated passengers, had a Covid outbreak.

We report on the significant findings of the College of American Pathologists that two teenage boys died after vaccination. They confirm that the vaccines killed the boys. So much for the mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective.”

These infections, adverse side-effects, and deaths are not surprising given the recent disclosure of more Pfizer secret documents. We play a video clip on this confidential report. Further, it did not help when the US NIH deleted Covid data that would have demonstrated that the Covid disease was a bioweapon created in a lab.

We report on the emergence of robot dogs, who remind people of social distance and wear masks. These robots are now used widely in Singapore and China. We mention that we have seen versions of these robot dogs that carry machine guns instead of loudspeakers. Will the global controllers release these robot dogs in the future? I think these armed robot dogs will be used to control the population.

We also show a clip of Dr. Chambers, a Lt. Colonel with the US military. He shows what proper Prior Informed Consent (PIC) can do. Out of 3000 soldiers who received his PIC seminars, only 6 took the vaccine. Clearly, all political leaders who rolled out the Covid dead shots without PIC are tyrants guilty of genocide.

We call it a “cluster” of events related to the Ukraine war because the boycott of Russia has placed into motion epochal and gigantic changes that are now unfolding in the world. The oil embargo is metamorphosing into a food and energy crisis, into a poverty scandal, and ultimately into all kinds of wars for resources. We show a clip of Klaus Schwab who briefly talks about this with seeming uncertainty.

But probably the biggest domino effect is the triggering of the collapse of the petrodollar hegemony. In a grandmaster move, Russia has required unfriendly nations to pay Russia in rubles if they want to obtain Russia’s oil supplies. Some NATO countries, especially Germany, are softening their embargo on Russia as these countries foresee the collapse of their economies and societies.

 If the Ruble for the oil deal catches on, that would be the end of the dollar as the reference currency of the world. Hyperinflation of the dollar will set in as the US has been overprinting its dollars with no real resources to back up the dollar.

Amidst all these, we report on the comeback of the basic phone or the dumb phone. Tens of thousands realize that their “smart” phone is really their “spy” phone leaking data, 24/7, about them to hidden powers.

We now go deeper into the more invisible workings of the system. Beyond events and clusters of events, we look at how these events unfold through time in certain patterns and regularities.

For example, there is a trend toward booster shots. There is also the increasing trend of Big Pharma investing heavily in TV advertising. These investments have now reached 75% of all TV advertising.

Another ominous trend is the continued fall of sanctions on Russia. NATO should have had a closer look at Russia’s status as a superpower when it comes not only to the latter’s military and nuclear arsenal but also in terms of its resources. Russia is #1 in terms of gas fields. It is #1 in terms of wheat production. It is # 1 in diamond mines and #2 in gold mines. Russia is also #2 in terms of oil production. It has vast reserves of rare earth metals essential for the functioning of technocratic societies.

The move towards regional autarchy also accompanied this trend. The Ruble is becoming a reference currency backed by Russia’s superpower in terms of resources, as we have seen. Another regional currency is also emerging with the China-India agreement to trade in their currencies and ignore the dollar. There is talk of the BRICS configuration of countries that are slowly but surely creating an international financial system independent of the existing SWIFT system of digital financial transactions. US and NATO ignore these realities at their peril.

We then briefly take a quick look at cultural wars, which may seem insignificant. But for those who are honed in systems thinking, cultural wars are the external proxies of wars in paradigms and mental modes which inhabit the strategic and all-important Level 4 of the system.

The Babylon Bee slide was incorrectly interpreted as coverage of real news of these cultural wars. But it was correctly shared as a true picture of the diverse ways that mainstream and alternative media can cover the same event. We emphasize the need for one to do their independent research amidst this cacophony of diverse voices seeking attention.

Finally, there is an increasing pattern of government officials criticizing the criminal activities of their colleagues. We show a video clip of one such example of an Australian senator warning criminal lawmakers that they will answer for all the Covid tyranny and fraud they perpetuated among the people.

We also use this warning to awaken Filipino politicians to the danger of pursuing genocidal Covid vaccinations. We will run after them.

As a kind of prelude to Level, we finish this section of the seminar by looking at a photo showing what a naïve belief in authority can do. The photo shows an image of Fauci with a caption: “In Dr. Fauci we trust.” Then above this is a sticker of “Black Lives Matter.” And on top of both is a Ukrainian flag.

We reminded readers of a study we discussed in Episode 30 that gives a clue into this interesting manifestation of programming. That study revealed as we have been pointing out many times that the vaccinated mainly were uncritical followers of Ukraine and would like to plunge the world into nuclear. This is not surprising as the vaccinated have become “sheeple,” never questioning the mainstream narrative that has turned them into slaves of the New World Order.

We begin this segment by showing a hierarchical map of institutional policymakers and victims inhabiting Level C of the “structure” of the system.

At the top are the genuine policymakers, CFR, etc.). At the next layer of institutions are the “policy distributers,” including the UN, IMF, WHO, and others. Governments and scientists are at the next lower Level as “policy enforcers.” At the second to the last lower level of this hierarchy are the “policy propagandists,” including mainstream media, Big Tech, etc. These are the real purveyors of Fake News. Finally, at the bottom of the pyramid are the “policy subjects”. That is us, the miserable recipients of outrageous and tyrannical policies of the kind we saw being rolled out and still planning to be rolled out via the Covid scamdemic. This information is very useful if one wants to change the system.  

Using this map, we can identify candidates of the worst Covid dictator, the ones that released the most tyrannical policies. It is a tough choice, as many heads of states fall into this category. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a Democrat, is having a hard time identifying with the current state of the Democratic Party. The latter is now in the habit of suppressing the liberties of US citizens, including the right to free speech. We show a video clip of him explaining his predicament, including why perpetrators of the Covid scam do not want to debate with those who question the main narrative.

Fauci’s main habit is at the “policy enforcer” of Level C where he can continue announcing outrageous and unscientific policies. He is now warning Americans that they should be prepared for new Covid restrictions.

The WHO, a “policy distributer” of Level C, is rolling out an international vaccine passport in partnership with a German telecom company. The roll out involves 60 countries and is expected to increase in the months ahead.

WHO’s vaccine passports are to prepare for passaging the WHO Pandemic Treaty aka global medical martial law. In a video clip, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, warns the world about this Treaty which can override the constitution of countries. She encourages her listeners to take action to stop this Treaty.

Seemingly simple actions at Level C can cascade and influence millions. An example of this is Samsung’s latest decision to remove the letter “Z” in the branding of its new smartphones. They do not want to be identified with Russia which uses the letter “Z” in its military equipment.

Surprisingly, the IMF warns that the NATO and US policy of sanctions on Russia will backfire. It could weaken the dominance of the dollar. We have already discussed the details of this above.

There is a rumor. German Chancellor Scholz supposedly asked Putin to clarify how the Ruble payment for Russian gas will work. Supposedly, Putin responded simply with a drawing. There was one arrow for Rubles going in one direction. There was another arrow for Gas, going in the opposite direction. In short, the answer is simple. You want Russian gas. You will have to pay for the gas in Rubles.

Other examples of action at Level C is the impending Grand Jury Trial of Fauci, Tedros, and other perpetuators of the Covid scam. While not a formal trial, it is a tribunal before the people with real judges and witnesses and plaintiffs and so on. It will show how policies (embedded in law) are being broken.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is leading 21 States to sue CDC for fraudulent behavior. We also show a video clip of DeSantis signing a law (an activity in Level C of the system) that would protect children and support parents in the battle of both against early sexualization of Children.

Finally, there is the announcement of the President of BlackRock warning the world that it will soon face never before seen shocks due to major shortages of the kind discussed above. We then show an ominous video of Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock explaining why the “market,” that is, elite investors like him, prefer dictatorial governments over democratic governments. They want to invest in the age-old practice of predictable environments. Prepare for the plague of totalitarian governments in the near future as more and more of the parts of the old normal collapse.

To emphasize this section, we show a clip from the World Government Summit that recently took place in the Middle East. They are no longer hiding it. This is a world summit on the New World Order.

Phenomena Level D: Mental Model of What Is (Worldview) and What Ought to Be (Values)

We introduce the work of Donella Meadows in this section. Dr. Meadows from MIT is a pioneer in applying systems thinking in identifying long-term challenges that the world faces. Her book, Limits to Growth, together with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, created the global environmental movement.

We introduce her work entitled “Ways to Intervene in a System.” She lays out 12 places of intervention, thus more nuanced than the four levels of Senge’s iceberg model. Nonetheless, both models are compatible with each other.

Two things stand out in Meadow’s framework. She draws a chart of increasing effectiveness in intervening in a system. She converges with Senge’s approach in identifying the mental models we have, or paradigm/mindset in her words, as one of the most effective ways to intervene and change a system.

This framework, together with Senge’s framework, is the inspiration behind giving a more significant focus on the paradigm or mental model of the New World Order. And that mindset of the NWO is TRANSHUMANISM.

Meadows further introduces another level, the most powerful Level of intervention in a system. This is the power to transcend paradigms. We should all never be victims of our paradigms, no matter how powerful these may seem to be. In the end, to maintain flexibility and thus retain effectiveness amidst changing circumstances and scientific discoveries, we need to be able to have the self-awareness to transcend our pet theories.

In this light, we show a clip of Dr. Naomi Wolf criticizing the collapse of Truth in mainstream media. Instead of having the courage to pursue the truth no matter where it leads, journalists prefer to stick to their preferred mental model of the world, which gives them profit and power.

We also look at the hesitance of the CDC, which has admitted that it hid Covid data for ‘political reasons”. In its mental model, CDC was not about science that can help regulate dangerous medical products. CDC was more about defending the political status quo, a sure sign of corruption. This is the same reason why the CDC Director continues to promote fiction regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines. We also show a clip on this.


We were pressed for time. We were not fully able to elaborate on this part of the presentation even after almost 2.5 hours of presentation. We rushed through the presentation to give viewers what will be in store for them in Part II of this topic on Transhumanism.

However, viewers are now well prepared to take in Part II now that they have an obvious idea of why Transhumanism matters very much to them and their future. Transhumanism will be the central drama in the 21st century and beyond as more and more bizarre forms of technology dominate human lives and society.

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