May 26, 2024

Vaccine Passports Are Conditioning Us To Accept The Great Reset


The following article was written by Patrick Fagan and was published by The Critic last August 12, 2021.

In this article, Fagan discusses the many ways that vaccine passports can be weaponized to become tools of psychological manipulation and oppression. Fagan offers one example of how personal data has been used to silence political dissent. He gives us a picture of how algorithms can be used to estimate our personality, and ultimately, to read our minds.

He says, “Ultimately, these predictive insights can be (and are) used for hyper-personalized nudging.”

Fagan also explains the important role that Big Tech plays in the Great Reset and how the “fusion of our digital and biological identity” can become a reality. He adds, “The passports act as a behaviourist’s paradise, conditioning people with punishment and reward”.

Fagan is a behavioral scientist and was previously a Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica.

Editor’s Note: While this article was written in August 2021, back when countries were still experimenting with the implementation of vaccine passports, it continues to be relevant today. Back then, we thought that the goal of the vaccine passports was to push for vaccination. Now we know that the vaccines were just the smokescreen for the vaccine passports to be implemented. Vaccine passports and the digitalization of our health data are now paving the way for transhumanism [see Episode 31: Transhumanism 101. Know It. Your Life Depends on It. Part 1]

Now that countries have been successful at implementing vaccine passports, we are now seeing the push towards the creation of digital IDs, digital currency, and ultimately, a social credit system [see Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?, Canada School of Public Service panel proposes digital IDs tied to vaccine passports, David Sacks: Social credit system has arrived in Canada. Also, read the following articles to understand how we came to this point: Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance, Digital Surveillance: The Real Motive Behind Push to Vaccinate Kids].

We hope that people are now listening. A grim future is awaiting humanity if we do not act now [see Canadian experience shows glimpse of totalitarian future we can expect if citizens do not pushback, Public Seminar Episode 29: The Great Reset is Here].

But this is not the end, there is so much more we can do to stop it [See Public Seminar Episode 27: Regaining Our Freedoms, Public Seminar Episode 24: Separation From Fear = Victory].

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