February 21, 2024

Public Seminar Episode 24: Separation From Fear = Victory


We are writing these descriptors of our various episodes for two reasons. First, we want to enable our followers and free subscribers on our different platforms to have an overview of the episodes they missed especially because Facebook removed the live stream record of our episodes.  Second, since the episodes are in the Filipino language, we want our global foreign audience to understand what we broadcasted.  Our foreign guests need only look at the more than 100 slides, on average, that accompany our Episodes. Through the slides, and with the help; of our descriptors, they can more or less have a sense of what we are covering in our Episodes.  We hope to finish these descriptors in a few weeks. 

Start of Summary of Ep. 24 

This is the first episode where the Public Seminar Series of Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) has co-hosts from PRACT (Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny). There will be two parts. Part 1 will continue the usual sharing and analysis of the news. Part 2 will introduce the co-hosts from PRACT and have a conversation about the latest developments. 

We also express our appreciation for the viewers who continue to spread the news about our seminar series. We also explain the newspaper nature of this CCH seminar. We emphasize the importance of small deeds that everyone can do. We need to move from building knowledge to action since we have now had almost 6 months of sharing the latest information. 

In Part 1, we will cover the science of Covid, removal of restrictions, updates on the protests of the Canadian Truckers, new threats on the horizon, and the conscious use of fear appeal to force compliance among the citizens. 

The Science

We start this portion by discussing the highlights of the January 25, 2022 hearings of Senator Ron Johnson. This is a game-changer. The country’s top scientists, doctors, lawyers, and vaccine victims expose the same that is COVID-19. Many amazing facts were revealed during this hearing the FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma. The latter were invited but did not show up. The latter knew that their game was up and did not want to be embarrassed by the amazing science that supports those who are questioning the Covid scamdemic. 

One highlight of the hearing was the revelation by Atty. Tom Renz about DOD’s DMED database which showed massive serious adverse side effects on the military. All kinds of diseases were exploding by 100% or more. Shortly after the hearing, the DOD decided to dribble misinformation regarding the DMED database. But it is too late. The cat is out of the bag. 

Then we covered the news that, worldwide, 62.3 million cardiovascular deaths are being projected by 2022. We also shared the fear of a doctor from South Africa that the shots are poison and are meant to reduce the population of the world. 

Then we covered the bombshell news of a confidential document released by the US Senate that clearly showed that vaccines are not vaccines. They are bioweapons. There is a detailed elaboration of this in this Episode. 

We share scientific studies showing that the “vaccines” damage the heart, cause Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Diseases (VAED) which are basically manifestations of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) that we have been warning about. The “vaccines” are also showing reduced efficacy. They are not as effective as advertised. They are not safe and effective as claimed by the FDA and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH). And the tragedy of it all, CDC admits that there is no proof that those who are naturally immune to COVID-19 can actually transmit the disease. 

The bioweapon massacre is starting to express itself in the real world. The insurance company, Aegon, reports its 258% increase in payoffs for deaths that occurred at the same time period when the “vaccines” were rolled out. 

This makes sense. Pfizer’s CEO admits that its “vaccines” ultimately do not protect one from COVID-19. This also explains why 80% of serious Covid cases in Israel come from the vaccinated. 

The insult to humanity continues. A Bayer executive admits that the vaccines are in reality “gene therapy”. They were called “vaccines” to enhance public acceptance. The executive admitted that most people would refuse to have a “gene therapy” shot if they knew it to be so. 

Gene therapy is a euphemism for the genetic engineering of a human’s genetic system. Bad genes would be replaced by good genes. But who is to say what is a good or bad gene? Would you trust criminal organizations like Pfizer, Bayer, Moderna, and others to give you “good” genes when, in fact, they are injecting billions of people with deadly bioweapon shots? 

The mess connected with the toxic spike proteins of the “vaccines” continues to unravel. Now scientific studies are showing that bioweapons are destroying the immune system and may cause cancer. Among others, these bioweapons inhibit DNA repair mechanisms which can then lead to cancer. 

The science portion ends with some potential treatments for those that had been injected with these bioweapons. Strengthening one’s killer T-Cells in the immune system is an important part of the process. 

Removal of Restrictions

The overwhelming scientific evidence of a scamdemic is having important impacts. For example, the Labor Department of the Biden government has removed its Covid restrictions. Then, at important levels, including the CDC, the Covid narrative is taking a U-turn. 

But the most dramatic impact is at the country level. England started the ball rolling by ending most of its Covid restrictions. Then, in one form or another, the following countries removed their Covid-related mandates: Sweden, the Netherland, Finland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, and regional areas of Canada. 


The resistance intensifies as these countries and institutions start to retreat from their Covid onslaught. This resistance takes on many different forms, the diversity of which gives a clue as to how each individual, in any country, can be active in stopping the madness and harm of Covid restrictions. 

There are legal cases. Former Pfizer VP demands mainstream media (MSM) to apologize over the Covid lies they have been spinning since the beginning of the scamdemic. People are doing detailed research on Pfizer’s criminal activities and the billions of dollars that Pfizer has had to pay for its court convictions in connection with its fraudulent activities. Inspiring is the increasing number of police joining the ranks of the Covid protestors. 

Canadian Trucker Update

The Canadian Freedom Convey protests are also another massive expression of this resistance. We give an inside account of how truckers democratically make their decisions with regard to their protests. Their inspiring story has triggered similar convoys all over the world including in the Philippines. 

Resistance Flourishes in the Philippines

A freedom convoy in the Philippines is only one form of resistance. It is also expressing itself in various forms. Some are doing important research that can influence the opinions and perspectives of tens of thousands of Filipinos. An example of this is the research on the huge excess deaths that the Philippine Statistics Authority has recorded in 2021 for the Philippines. 

The resistance is also now expressing itself slowly in the mainstream press including articles in the Business World. There are petitions circulating against mandatory vaccinations. There are alliances forming that would protect children from mandatory vaccinations. There are criminal complaints being filed in Court. There are other TRO petitions filed in our Regional Trial Courts. The most viral petition is the one filed by the Public Attorney’s Office. 

New Threats

However, while the New World Order is relaxing its restrictions, it is not asleep. The WHO, for example, is still up to its old tricks. It is cautioning the world against the lifting of Covid restrictions. Others are also pointing out the emergence of new diseases that may cause new pandemics. The World Economic Forum (WEF), the HQ of the New World Order, is warning us all that climate change is the greatest threat in 2022. Translation. There will be lockdowns connected with climate change. 

Removal of Fear = Victory

These continued and additional threats threaten to aggravate the fear in all of us. However, we quote a powerful meme: “Take a blue pill and remain a slave to the illusion. Take the red pill and become a slave to reality”. 

This meme encourages us to take the red pill to awaken. However, I would change the phrase “slave to reality” to “defenders of Truth and Freedom”. If we are slaves to reality, then we remain in illusion. We can never trade one form of slavery with another. Real humans are radically free and they serve the Truth. 

We end Part 1 with a warning. The true rulers of a country are those who are able to quietly and consciously manipulate the perception and understanding of reality of the people. Information is a key element of a democratic society. But under evil people, this freedom to be informed becomes weaponized to be enslaved by fake information. 

Part 2

We begin Part 2 with the introduction of three co-hosts from PRACT.  Each one also answers the question of why they are resisting Covid tyranny. They base their answer on their own personal experience. All hosts then engage in a dialogue on the nature of PRACT and the importance of action and diversity of action. No one can remain passive as millions of Filipinos are consciously being murdered by a tyrannical government. 

And to act means we have conquered fear inside us. We cannot overcome the fear inside us if we have not cleansed our whole being from fear. We cannot be warriors for Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Love if inside us we are wallowing in Fear. Freedom from Fear = Victory!

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