June 14, 2024

In this March 3, 2022 article for The Blaze, Chris Pandolfo reports on the FOIA request filed by the media company showing that major news networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, and other legacy media publications such as the New York Post, and The Washington Post all received advertising funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to promote the COVID shots.

According to Pandolfo, hundreds of news organizations received federal funding as part of the government’s “comprehensive media campaign” to build vaccine confidence and get more people to take the vaccine.

Despite being paid to advertise the vaccines, none of these news organizations disclosed that they received taxpayer dollars for publishing pro-vaccine features.

Editor’s Note: Why are governments using taxpayers’ money for advertising an experimental product? Why wasn’t word of mouth enough to convince people that the COVID shots were safe and effective?

No wonder media companies were refusing to publish the stories of the vaccine-injured and they went out of their way to smear anyone, expert or not, who spoke up against the vaccines! How can we even expect governments to do their part in ensuring that the vaccines are safe and effective when they are also funding the “selling” of these COVID shots? How is that not a conflict of interest?

If this is happening in the US, we can be sure that this has happened (and probably still happening) in the Philippines. How much did the Philippine government allot for the advertising of these dangerous vaccines?

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