June 16, 2024

Two Studies Suggest Circulating Monkeypox Virus Manipulated In Lab


This June 4, 2022 article published by The Expose summarizes the results of two studies showing the currently circulating monkeypox virus has been manipulated and edited in a bio lab.

The first study published by Portugal’s National Institute of Health found that the monkeypox virus responsible for the outbreaks in Europe, Australia, and America was manipulated in the lab. There is further evidence suggesting that it has been released intentionally.

The study was published last May 23, 2022, and can be accessed in full here.

A second study authored by Jean-Claude Perez and Valère Lounnas of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory compared the evolution of 14 monkeypox virus genomes in order to discover mutations or other viral evolutions that can explain the sudden impact of this very low-level epidemic. The scientists discovered that the circulating monkeypox contains a “30-T long sequence” in the center of the monkeypox genome. The scientists that this sequence is never encountered fully inside a sequence. A full discussion of the findings may be found here.

Editor’s Note: Why would monkeypox become a problem for the world when it has remained contained by African nations since it was first encountered in humans in the 1970s?

The evidence above, our experience in the last two years with COVID, and the shady dealings at the World Health Organization (WHO) make for the argument that monkeypox is going to become Plandemic 2.0. [Read Should I be worried about Monkeypox?].

We must remember that the WHO and Big Pharma companies have everything to gain if a new pandemic overtakes the world. The more deadly the pandemic, the better it is for their business.

The plan for how the monkeypox pandemic will unfold has been documented. We encourage you to read the results of the “tabletop simulation” and discover the similarities between the “response policy suggestions” of the report and the “pandemic preparedness” suggestions from the US, Bill Gates, and the WHO [see Global COVID Summit pushes for global vaccination, creation of global fund “for future pandemics”, Bill Gates Proposes the Creation of a Global Pandemic Protection Team, World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative].

From here, you will discover that the programming for the “next” pandemic has been ongoing long before the COVID “scamdemic” has “completed” its purpose.

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