May 29, 2024

PGH Emergency Room at 200% Capacity, But It’s Not Due To COVID


The emergency room at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Manila is overflowing with patients, reaching 200% of its capacity. The report on this was written by Daphne Galvez and published by The Philippine Daily Inquirer last June 7, 2022.

According to PGH spokesman Jonas del Rosario, most patients are having non-COVID-related concerns, including pneumonia, diabetes, heart diseases, lung disease, and kidney illness. He adds that there were also some patients brought in from other hospitals.

Del Rosario adds that as of writing, only 20 patients in PGH have COVID-19, with a majority experiencing only moderate symptoms.

Editor’s Note: It is clear from this report that COVID is no longer the biggest nor the most urgent health issue in the Philippines today. With hospitals needing to suspend elective procedures, and emergency rooms filling beyond capacity, we must now ask: why isn’t the government not doing anything to address the worsening situation in our hospitals?

PGH’s situation is nothing new. Long before COVID, they have been plagued with inadequate facilities and a lack of equipment. What has the government done to ensure that these gaps are addressed, hence enabling the hospital to deal with “emerging diseases”?

All the conditions of patients taking up space in the PGH emergency room are some of the top causes of death in the Philippines. Why did the government focus only on COVID when there were many more deadly diseases in the country? Why did the government take out so many loans to fund the purchase of the useless COVID shots, when our health care system is still ailing?

Will the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee ever investigate the contents of the vaccine deals and will those who profited from it be held accountable?

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