May 25, 2024

In this article published by Aljazeera last September 18, 2021, we learn that Italy has made it mandatory for all workers to present their COVID health pass starting October 15, 2021 [to learn more about the Italian Green Pass, read Italy’s Green Pass recognizes natural immunity].

The move, Aljazeera says, is “aimed at persuading people to get inoculated and blunting infection rates in one of the countries worst hit by the pandemic”.

Health minister Roberto Speranza told the press, “The Green Pass is an instrument of freedom, that will help us make workplaces safer…The second reason is to reinforce our vaccine campaign”.

Penalties for non-compliance in presenting valid health passes include suspension without pay and paying fines.

Italy is the first country in Europe to adopt this policy and will be a test case for the continent. The Green Pass requirement will remain in effect as long as Italy is in a state of emergency, which in this case is set until December 31, 2021.

Editor’s Note: Take note of the confusing pronouncements from governments. First, they accept that the vaccines do nothing to prevent infection and stop transmission, but they say that everyone should still take the vaccine [see CDC Head declares COVID ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infections or transmissions, Iceland and Denmark: No herd immunity from vaccines].

Then they say that the vaccines are no longer working as they should, hence the need for boosters using the same vaccines that did not work in the first place [see Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant, Pre-print study from Japan shows Delta will acquire complete resistance to current COVID vaccines, Australian Health Chief: COVID will be with us “forever”, people must “get used to” endless booster shots, Fauci: “Full vaccination” will likely mean getting a booster shot, Israel vaccine czar warns citizens they need to prepare for fourth injections, says, “This is our life from now on”].

Governments are also acting against their own scientific advisors who are saying that boosters and child vaccinations are unnecessary [see CDC advisors raise concerns about ‘over-vaccination’ and ask the White House for more data to show boosters are needed, Top FDA officials resign over booster plan, says White House announced policy before agency approved it, Top FDA virologists, WHO scientists: No credible evidence for COVID booster shots, FDA advisory committee votes against booster shots, vaccine risks outweigh benefits especially for children, Governments ignoring advice of their own health regulators, pushing child vaccination, public trust eroding].

Now, after accepting that the vaccines don’t work, and the revelations that politicians making decisions on COVID policies aren’t really making evidence-based decisions, they are now asking people to continue taking the vaccines [see Biden vaccine mandates and passports stirs hornet’s nest, inspires massive pushback, France has toppled liberty]. They even go as far as using our language: “the Green Pass is an instrument of freedom”. What they forgot to include in that statement is the threat: “if you don’t accept the Green Pass then you cannot be free” [the same coopted language can be seen in the US, read Internet users react to top civil liberty group in America saying vaccines further civil liberties].

Do they really think we are that stupid? Or perhaps they think that we are still frozen in fear that we will fail to see the manipulation? Do they really think that we will accept these stupid policies blindly? [Also read Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission].

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2 thoughts on “Italy Makes “Green Pass” Mandatory for All Workers

  1. Italy is not first. In Slovenia since start of September you:
    – can’t even work from home (legaly) without covid pass,
    – can’t even refuel your car
    – can’t go to a supermarket when the supermarket is in a shopping center
    – can’t go to a doctor (unless you are half death then they can’t legaly refuse you)
    – can only go to a standalone supermarket or standalone pharmacy and nowhere else (no furniture stores, no clothes store, no post office, banks, restaurants,…).

    Effect is that Slovenia became the only country in EU that is dark red on ECDC map.

    Links can be provuded if needed

    1. Hello Lumpi!

      Thank you for this clarification! Unfortunately, information about these sort of things are very hard to find in our country, so we appreciate your telling us about this. Yes please, could you send a link so that we can add this on our website? Thank you in advance.

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