May 30, 2024

Confidential documents reveal plans for massive bioweapon attacks


In this September 21, 2021 article for The Telegraph, Sarah Knapton reports on the latest evidence that could give credence to the lab leak theory.

According to documents released by Drastic, a web-based investigations set up by scientists around the world, Peter Daszak’s Eco Health Alliance proposed the “release of skin-penetrating nanoparticles and aerosols containing ‘novel chimeric spike proteins’ of bat coronaviruses…into bat populations to inoculate them against diseases that could jump to humans” [Eco Health Alliance is associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). It’s director, Peter Daszak is also a primary author of a Lancet-published letter condemning the lab-leak theory, which has been used as a basis for social media censorship, see Lancet, top medical journal, helps coverup true origins of COVID, Fauci caught lying again, this time about NIAD’s ties with Wuhan Lab, New evidence ties COVID-19 origin to Wuhan lab, research funded by NIAID].

A proposal to create chimeric viruses that are genetically enhanced to infect humans was also submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which would have involved $14 million in funds. The DARPA subsequently refused to fund the work saying: “It is clear that the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk. The DARPA also warned the team that they had to properly considered the dangers of enhancing the virus (gain of function research) or releasing a vaccine by air.

A COVID-19 researcher from the World Health Organization (WHO) who wished to remain anonymous said that it was alarming that the proposal included plans to enhance the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The source said, “These viruses have a fatality of over 30 per cent…If one of their receptor replacements made MERS spread similarly, while maintaining its lethality, this pandemic would be nearly apocalyptic”.

Drastic makes this final assertion: “Given that we find in this proposal a discussion of the planned introduction of human-specific cleavage sites (which are found in SARS-CoV-2), a review by the wider scientific community of the plausibility of artificial insertion is warranted.”

The papers released by Drastic been confirmed as genuine by a former member of the Trump administration. To access the the source document, go to:

Editor’s Note: These documents drives home the reality that Eco Health Alliance and WIV has been preparing to carry out advanced and dangerous study of bat coronaviruses. Who benefits from a study like this? Is this mere curiosity, or was there another intention behind this dangerous foray into the human pathogenicity of bat coronaviruses?

This is the reason why it is important for us to uncover the true origins of SARS-CoV-2. If it turns out that SARS-CoV-2 is a product of the rejected Eco Health proposal, then it means that they continued on with the research despite having no funding from DARPA. And if Eco Health Alliance and WIV would continue with a gain of function research using a less lethal virus, what stops them from using the MERS strain, as they originally intended? Peter Daszak’s failure to reveal this vital piece of information which has now been uncovered by Drastic opens up so many new issues which warrants further investigation.

The next question to ask is: who is funding them?

Given the already devastating impact of SARS-CoV-2 to our societies, can we imagine how much chaos will ensue if the enhanced MERS strain becomes the next pandemic?

This new information must not be ignored, and a thorough investigation must be launched by countries. There have been too many “coincidences” already, which points to the fact that perhaps they weren’t at all random, and that this entire scamdemic has been trial run for a more sinister agenda of depopulation and world control [see Proof that the COVID-19 crisis was planned to usher in a new world order and Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance].

Vaccines are only the beginning. [Vaccines are bioweapons, see Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide, Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions, THE VACCINE DELUSION, PART 1: CBCP Pro-Vaccine Decision Huge Mistake. Vaccines will Not Remove Lockdowns. Ignores Reports of Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Serious Injuries Including Death].

As these Drastic documents reveal, things can get worse. [Already, countries have launched attacks agains civil liberties, see France has toppled liberty, Biden vaccine mandates and passports stirs hornet’s nest, inspires massive pushback, Italy Makes “Green Pass” Mandatory for All Workers].

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