May 30, 2024

Biden vaccine mandates and passports stirs hornet’s nest, inspires massive pushback


In this September 9, 2021 article for Epoch Times, Jack Phillips reports on the latest statement made to the press by American President Joe Biden who plans to impose a vaccine mandate affecting more than 80 million private-sector workers in the country.

In the press conference held at the White House, Biden said that he will “direct the Department of Labor to develop a rule that companies with more than 100 employees will require vaccination or once-per-week testing for their workers”.

Meanwhile, Biden plans to sign an executive order requiring most federal employees and contractors to get the COVID-19 vaccine without the option of getting regular testing. He also called on private venues to mandate vaccine passports from customers. As an explanation of this decision, Biden said, “We’re in a tough stretch. This is not about freedom or personal choice but is about protection against COVID-19”. He adds, “our patience is wearing thin”.

Several government leaders have already spoken up against Biden’s plan. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said, “My legal team is standing by ready to file our lawsuit the minute [Biden] files his unconstitutional rule. This gross example of federal intrusion will not stand”.

Editor’s Note: The curtain has fallen, and the clowns have revealed their faces for all the crowd to see. If you still have doubts about the intentions of governments to mandate vaccines, then this should serve as a reality check. France has done it [see France has toppled liberty]. Canada has done it.[1] The UK plans to do it. [2]

Soon, all the countries in the world would have their own brand of mandates forcing their citizens to take the deadly shot [see Vaccines may turn out to be deadlier than COVID, Dr. Charles Hoffe: mRNA vaccines will kill most people through heart failure, 62% already have microscopic blood clots, The evidence is in: Vaccines have failed, more dangerous than the virus, COVID vaccines are bioweapons. Here are the many ways they can injure you., CEOs: Do You Want to Destroy the Country and Your Own Future? Coerce Workers to Get the Vaccine, the Kill Shot.].

Can we do anything against them? Absolutely! [See GUIDEBOOK TO END LOCKDOWNS NOW: An Executive Summary by Nicanor Perlas].

If we don’t do anything, then we can say goodbye to all the freedoms bequeathed to us by the freedom fighters before us. We simply cannot imagine our children growing up in a world where they are told to not think for themselves and to simply follow the “experts”.

We must remember that the Nazis did not stop at forcing the Jews to wear the yellow star. More atrocities came afterward, and as modern humans who learned about history, we have all promised that this grim past will never be repeated. It is now time to make good on that promise.

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